Aqua Zumba

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Getting into shape with aqua zumba is a fun and inspiring activity that all the family can enjoy. Its winning formula brings together Latin rhythms and international music with dance moves that provide a full workout in the water. The class is guided by licensed instructors who specialize in leading zumba classes and other water-based workouts.

The class combines classic aqua-aerobic exercises with a Latin twist designed for anyone who can follow instructions and get into the water. Unlike regular aquatic aerobics, which tend to be linear exercises that move from one point to another, aqua zumba involves different movements, including a chorus and bridge between each song. You can really get into the rhythm and feel like you are dancing. Aqua zumba is ideal for hot sunny climates like Cancun where you might prefer to stay cool in the water rather than work up a sweat in the regular zumba classes.


50 - 60 min.
Main pool

Twice a week

Avoid exercising on a full stomach. Wear sunscreen and sports cap you don’t mind getting wet.