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Aqua Fitness, often known as Aqua Gym, is a workout that takes place in the water concentrating on muscle toning. This workout adapts many of the exercises that you would normally carry out on the ground for the swimming pool, enjoying the advantage of weightlessness.

Aqua Fitness helps to improve your general physical condition and contributes to a smoother recovery from injuries because of the low impact it has on joints and muscles. During the class, different muscle groups are specifically targeted while alternating exercises for the upper body, core and lower body.

In principle, Aqua Fitness is suitable for anyone, regardless of age, physical ability or muscle tone, since it can be performed with greater or less intensity. The trained instructor will guide you through the different variations so that you can follow the exercises for your level of fitness.


50 - 60 min.
Main pool

Twice a week

Avoid exercising on a full stomach. Wear sunscreen and sports cap you don’t mind getting wet.