MassagesBring back the balance

  • "Tuunich" warm stones massage Massages from $225 USD

    Start your journey to deep relaxation through this amazing massage to recover your balance, sleep well and relieve anxiety with this gentle technique based on heated basalt stones.

    TIME 80 min.
    PRICE $225 USD
  • "Sats" Shiatsu-Thai massage Massages from $225 USD

    A blissful combination of ancient techniques, Shiatsu (acute finger pressure) is applied over specific points of the body’s meridian lines. It prevents and treats backaches, muscle spasms, migraine and anxiety among other benefits. The holistic therapy reestablishes the energy flow of vital organs and main chakras in the body. It uses the hands, feet, fingers and elbows and series of stretches similar to passive-induced yoga. It takes place on a special surface and requires light and loose clothing.

    TIME 80 min.
    PRICE $225 USD
  • "Wenel" personalized massage Massages from $189 USD | 160 USD

    Relaxing | Deeep tissue | Sport

    Regain physical well-being in your body with this massage dedicated to restoring the natural balance, promoting circulation and improving the quality of sleep with each of the techniques that best suit your stress level. The manipulations that go from soft to firm guarantee muscular relaxation, and they provide an effect of calm and balance in all the senses.

    TIME 80 | 50 min.
    PRICE $189 USD | 160 USD
  • "Yo´om" baby on bord Massages from $160 USD

    A loving ritual for mother and baby, enjoy an intimate and relaxing spa experience with your baby and bump. A warm moisturizing mask to protect your stomach from the effects of tightening becomes a relaxing therapy for your baby, too. An expert therapist will be your guide, so that together you can provide a stimulating massage for your baby and deepen your maternal connection with the life that is forming inside you. Once your baby is relaxed, it will be time to pamper you with a hydrating facial and a treatment to relieve tired legs in preparation for the days ahead.

    TIME 50 min.
    PRICE $160 USD
  • "Ook" ancient reflexology Massages from $75 USD

    With the combination of different techniques of your choice, this massage will achieve maximum benefits in a minimum amount of time. Choose the treatment zone of your preference: Back and neck massage or head, shoulders and neck shiatsu massage.

    TIME 25 min.
    PRICE $75 USD
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