Hiroshi Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

Celebrating the artistry of Japanese and Asian Cuisine, Hiroshi is a contemporary sushi restaurant that combines originality and flavor.
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Delicacy and originality

Providing an elegant and peaceful setting for gourmet Japanese and East Asian choices, Hiroshi offers sashimi, sushi, soups, tempura, yakitori, lobster, shrimp, chicken, steak and vegetables, all prepared with the utmost delicacy and originality. 

The culinary signature of Hiroshi’s chef, Juan Carlos Chávez is found in the way he merges minimalism, avant-garde presentation and powerful flavors, seeking the perfect way to present his creations for spectacular effect. 

Contemporary sushi restaurant 

Hiroshi is a contemporary sushi restaurant that celebrates the artistry of Japanese and East Asian cuisine, delivering dishes that tantalize the taste buds with new textures and flavors. Much more than simply an excellent Japanese sushi bar, Hiroshi’s extensive menu takes you on a culinary journey. 

The restaurant sets itself apart from the rest; its secret resting in the impeccable attention to detail and quality by Hiroshi’s expert team

  • Awesome!

    We got the all-inclusive plan, which was definitely worth it as the quality of food was good, extra notably at Hiroshi restaurant. They go the extra mile and plate each entrée nicely as well.