Exceptional service! From Tripadvisor

The best restaurant on the resort grounds is Davino’s. Not only was the menu creative and well-prepared, but the service from Miguel and Julio was top tier. Do not miss this restaurant if you are in the area!

THE CONCEPT Contemporary-chic ambiance

Davino’s recipe for success combines the simplicity and succulence of market fresh Mediterranean ingredients with fashionable Italian chic.

The level of comfort and ambiance in our restaurant is delightfully sophisticated, yet calm and relaxing. Merely walking into the space prepares your taste buds for what will be a culinary awakening.

Diners experience the mouthwatering blend of Italian cuisine

Crockery, minimalist in style, yet generous in proportions sit comfortably on elegant wooden tables.

Albeit, Davino’s main allure is perhaps the seafood bar, where the freshest catch of the day is readily available for guests. Another highlight is our brick oven, where the most delectable pizzas and rustic breads are prepared daily.