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Top 10 Safe Places to Stay Near Cancun

Top 10 Safe Places to Stay Near Cancun


In the proximity of Cancun's dynamic core, a world of serene escapes awaits, where travelers can discover the tranquility, family-friendly accommodations, and, most importantly, a secure haven. Here's a compilation of the finest 10 safe lodging choices near Discover Cancun, led by Costa Mujeres, offering a gateway to explore the hidden treasures just beyond the city's boundaries.

Costa Mujeres

A burgeoning haven just a stone's throw north of Cancun, beckons with its unspoiled beaches, crystalline turquoise seas, and an atmosphere brimming with serenity. Here, an array of upscale resorts takes center stage, all committed to ensuring the utmost safety of their guests. This makes Costa Mujeres an alluring retreat, where the pursuit of luxury harmonizes seamlessly with a quest for tranquility.


Isla Mujeres

A swift ferry ride away from Cancun's bustling shores, emerges as a peaceful sanctuary, embraced by its laid-back ambiance. The island exudes an intimate, secure, and close-knit community vibe, making it an idyllic refuge for travelers yearning to escape the city's relentless hustle and bustle.


Playa Mujeres

Nestled just north of Cancun, unfurls as a secluded enclave renowned for its exclusive resorts and private stretches of pristine sand. This gated community stands as an epitome of heightened security, weaving a cocoon of safety around its visitors, ensuring an undisturbed and serene setting.

Puerto Morelos

Venturing southwards along the coastal tapestry, Puerto Morelos, a charming fishing village, nestles itself between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Here, a relaxed atmosphere pervades, and the embrace of the coral reef beckons. Its family-friendly beaches cocoon tourists in a haven that encapsulates the essence of an authentic Mexican experience.


The Riviera Maya

An expansive coastal stretch stretching from just below Cancun to the enchanting Tulum, emerges as a tapestry woven with all-inclusive resorts, immaculate beachfronts, and evocative archaeological treasures. Well-patrolled and celebrated for its security, it stands as a sanctuary where tourists can revel in peace and safety.


Playa del Carmen

A vibrant destination unto itself, unfolds as a vivacious blend of sun-kissed beaches, bustling shops, and delectable restaurants. Monitored vigilantly, the tourist precincts here offer an unquestionably secure choice for travelers.


Celebrated for its awe-inspiring ruins and paradisiacal beaches, rests a little further from Cancun, but the sojourn proves utterly worthwhile. This safe haven, beloved by tourists for its laid-back, bohemian allure, unveils a destination where serenity reigns supreme.



Ensconced between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, emerges as a slight beachfront community, where crystal-clear bays and the presence of abundant sea turtles define the landscape. In its secure and tranquil embrace, families and nature enthusiasts find their sanctuary.

Isla Holbox

A car-free gem to the northwest of Cancun, conceals its sandy streets and leisurely ambiance amidst its secluded allure. Here, safety and tranquility coexist harmoniously, beckoning those in search of disconnection and communion with nature.


The island adrift off the coast of Playa del Carmen, rises to fame with its scuba diving paradises and the unhurried rhythm of island life. In the well-guarded and secure confines of its tourist zones, travelers find a cherished haven.

These destinations, peppered along the Yucatan Peninsula's coastline, form a tapestry of secure, enchanting escapes, where the allure of the Mexican Caribbean harmonizes effortlessly with the pursuit of safety and serenity.

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