Best Month to Visit Cancun

Get ready to plan the ultimate getaway to Cancun with our all-in-one travel guide! Figuring out the top month for traveling can boost your adventure big time. Great climate paired with exciting happenings means a memorable getaway. Imagine relaxing on Cancun's perfect shores one day and exploring bustling markets another – that's what awaits! Dive into our thorough guide where we outline typical weather stats plus highlight various engaging experiences available throughout each month. Travel to Cancun safely and make the most of your visit by choosing the right time to explore this stunning destination. Get ready to discover the best times for serene beach days, exhilarating adventures, and safe, enjoyable travel experiences throughout the year in Cancun.

Cancun in January

Average Temperature: 68° – 83° F

Still high season, and prices are high, but you can totally look forward to the last Christmas breakers and start the new year on the right foot by visiting sunny Cancun. The waters of the Caribbean are warm yet refreshing, and you can visit the beach every day.

You can also head to the jungle or get ready for archeological sightseeing. By the way, did you know that the sand in Cancun doesn't burn your feet? Cool!


Cancun in February

Average Temperature: 67° – 82° F

Not the cheapest time to visit, nor the most expensive. The sea is perfect for snorkeling and diving, and evenings are unmistakably cool and ideal for walks on the beach or dinner in downtown Cancun. Be sure to check out Carnaval, a week-long celebration filled with joy, tempting treats, and Tequila! Remember to book your activities as soon as you get to Mexico. You might still find a lot of tourists wandering around.


Cancun in March

Average Temperature: 69° – 83° F

Party time is on! Lit up with spring-breakers, this is the month to feast, dance, party, and generally live it up in Cancun. Quite expensive and not for everybody, especially if you are not in your twenties anymore, but surely worth checking out if you are up for a serious week of enjoyment and fun-filled days and nights.

You can also look forward to one of the most splendid phenomena in Cancun: Spring Equinox. When the sun's light reaches the Temple of the El Castillo, the illusion of the feathered serpent-god Kukulkan coming down the side of the temple is visible. This is absolutely magical to observe, and you will not regret it! Book almost one year in advance, and you'll see the exclusive rarity of the Kukulkan at Chichen Itza.


Cancun in April

Average Temperature: 71° – 87° F

If you are looking for the calmest time at a reasonable price, this is it! April is the beginning of shoulder season and a great month to visit eco-parks without hours of wait, and both the ocean and the intricate subterranean tunnels that create cenotes.

April showers, bring May flowers, but not in Cancun! This city doesn't get much rain in April; it's the opposite. Take advantage of this pretty dry month, which is excellent for hiking and visiting all the Mayan and Incan ruins around the area.

Skip easter in Cancun if you want to avoid crowds during this month. Just make sure to check out the different offers and discounts available for kids (which make it great for a whole family trip!).


Cancun in May

Average Temperature: 71° – 86° F

May is the ultimate month to visit: At its prime, Cancun has the best weather by far, with the sun shining bright, no rain, and excellent chances of spotting wild animals everywhere. From nesting sea turtles to the migration of whale sharks, you will have the unique opportunity to experience the place's biodiversity both on land and underwater.

For an entirely original experience, you can visit El Rey Archaeological Zone and witness the flourishing population of iguanas that resides within its more than 40 sets of ruins; it's a divine thing to witness, through and through!


Cancun in June

Average Temperature: 72° – 87° F

The low season starts here, and showers begin to hit the land. Yet, it's the most fantastic time to dive into the ocean and see the beautiful whale sharks at their most numerous. This is an awe-inspiring experience and one of the most majestic ways to enjoy and observe nature up close.

Take advantage of the calmness and go to Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy, stay until dusk and watch a one-of-a-kind sunset.


Cancun in July

Average Temperature: 72° – 88° F

The lowest season is finally here, but if you are a nature and animal lover, this is just the right time to visit! Even though there might be some rain, the sea is super warm, and going for a swim is a smooth and relaxing experience. You'll have the chance to see baby turtles setting off to the sea, and pods of whale sharks can still be found.

You can go downtown Cancun and explore the streets, find distinctive murals of street art and try all the glorious food you can find.


Cancun in August

Average Temperature: 72° – 89° F

Another great month for enjoying the low season, August is a perfect time to visit if you want to relax beachside and poolside. Although there might be some rain, you can still find days when the sun is bright, and the skies are clear.

The wildlife is still very much alive, and it's an absolutely perfect time to visit cenotes. Although it's not too hot, it can get very humid.


Cancun in September

Average Temperature: 72° – 87° F

September is sensational not only because you will find amazing deals but because you'll celebrate Mexico's Independence Day in true Mexican fashion. This is a stormy month, but the temperatures are not too high.

Get ready to observe the grandiose Autumn Equinox at Chichen Itza. If it's not too cloudy, you'll be able to spot the feathered serpent-god Kukulkan on the first day of fall.


Cancun in October

Average Temperature: 71° – 85° F

This is still a pretty low season to visit Cancun. Skies are starting to clear up, and baby turtles are beginning to hatch. October still offers deals that are great for traveling on a budget.

A marvelous time to enjoy the beach if the heat is not your thing, and even better if Halloween is your favorite holiday! Both Day of the Dead and Halloween are grand festivities in Cancun. So, get your costume ready and celebrate by eating some Pan de Muerto and hot chocolate in downtown Cancun.


Cancun in November

Average Temperature: 70° – 81° F

Shoulder season is back on, and while the rain is basically gone and most days are beautifully sunny, so is the serenity of just a few tourists around.

Head to Xcaret for their regal Day of the Dead celebration

This is a beautiful time to go down to Mexico as the temperatures are down. You can enjoy the city, beaches, and delicious food without being overwhelmed by the heavy partying of summer or the heavier rains of previous months. Go trekking or snorkeling and enjoy the beauty of having Cancun primarily to yourself.


Cancun in December

Average Temperature: 69° – 80° F

This is just the month when Cancun's visitors supersede its locals. Run down to avoid the cold weather, just beware of the rising prices of everything. As plenty of people start filling up the

city and the beaches, peak season is in the boom. If you are looking for a beachy Christmas, reserve your tickets months ahead, or you'll be spending some more than in shoulder months.

This is definitely the perfect time for diving and snorkeling. The ocean is transparent, so you will be able to see the beautiful coral reefs and their biodiversity better than ever before. With a soft breeze blowing and the weather on its way to warmer days, beach days are just the thing to look for in December.


Now that you have a better idea of what Cancun has to offer every season and every month, you can pick your ideal time to visit based on many different factors: weather in Cancun, activities, partying, the number of people around, price, and even the festivities that are observed depending on the time you visit. However, one thing to keep in mind is that Cancun is never the same! Yet it's always a great option if you want out of the daily grind and a sip of Margarita.