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Cleansing Your Aura to Connect Within

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Villa del Palmar Cancun invites you to join our annual Wellness Month, where we will explore health, healing, and well-being through workshops, classes, gourmet cuisine, and other activities centered around wellness. One of our features this month will be a “Cleansing and Auric Connection class,” which aims to cleanse the energy around the mind and body to create space for deep inner peace. Cleansing your aura means removing stagnate energies and emotional blockages around the seven Chakras, energy zones along the spine from the base to the crown of the head. The term “Chakra” comes from the Indian belief in the central energy power present at all times in the human body, considered seven in number.

We invite you to explore this innovative new class with us during Wellness Month at Villa del Palmar!

The Aura Connection

The term “Aura” stems from the Greek word “Breeze.” Our auras indicate moods, emotions, and our overall vibe. Think of your aura as a vibrant ray of color composed of energy constantly flowing around you and all living beings. The idea in this class is to cleanse the aura of any negative energy or emotional blockages that may be present through a series of Shamanic rituals and breathwork. Our teachers are highly trained in this practice and will guide you through the cleansing process.

Sometimes our energies can become “clogged” or “stuck,” meaning they cannot flow freely, and an imbalance occurs physically, emotionally, or mentally. Once these blockages are removed, the creative energy can flow freely again, restoring balance to your aura. People say they leave the class feeling completely relaxed, rejuvenated, and with a heightened sense of peace and overall well-being. We hope you join us for this therapeutic class during Wellness Month.

Wellness Month at Villa del Palmar


For June, Villa del Palmar celebrates Wellness Month. During this month, you can dive deep into activities exploring multiple layers of health and well-being. We have several expert teachers, trainers, and chefs on location who will host classes on physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual well-being. We offer Vinyasa Yoga classes, Jump Dance, Aqua Gym, Yoga Thai, Breath Meditation classes, and even a Sun boarding Yoga class, among many others. Connect with the land and history through cultural classes such as a Mayan Language class, a Dream Catcher Workshop, Watsu Therapy, a Cosmovision Maya class, and a Closing Mayan Dance and Ritual. Check out the Cleansing and Auric Connection class and other transformative classes during June. There is something for everyone during Wellness Month, so we invite you to choose your wellness adventure at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Villa del Palmar Resort


Villa del Palmar, Cancun, offers you and your party a resort experience like nowhere else, with multiple heated pools, a splash park for families, seven gourmet restaurants, and a full-service spa. Check out our Gourmet Culinary All-Inclusive Plan, which includes mixed drinks and beverages, dining at any of our seven gourmet restaurants, and 24-hour Room Service. Unwind completely at our Village Spa, where you can enjoy a Hot Stone Massage or choose from one of our cutting-edge HydraFacial treatments. There’s even a Kid’s Menu, so bring the family! If you’d rather have a break, drop the kids off at the Kids’ Club, open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily, with plenty of exciting activities to keep them entertained while the adults get some relaxation time. At Villa del Palmar, we make your comfort our priority.

Your Wellness Journey Awaits

Experience June Wellness Month with us and bring the crew. We will offer tailored classes on health and wellness topics, including the Cleansing and Auric Connection class. We look forward to embarking on a wellness journey with you in June! See you at Villa del Palmer shortly!


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