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What to wear to a spring wedding in Cancun?

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After surviving the cold winter holidays, you are ready for the spring sunshine! Luckily, you’ve been invited to a beach destination wedding in Cancún, Mexico, the perfect warm-weather getaway. Time to start packing and planning your trip, but what will you wear? As a distinguished wedding guest, you want to dress for the occasion without going too formal. Here are some fresh Spring ideas for 2023 to guide you while shopping for your breezy beach wedding attire.

First, take a deep breath and visualize yourself at the beach wedding, the bride and groom exchanging vows against a pristine sunset over the ocean. Let your senses guide you as you close your eyes and imagine how you want to feel at this special event. What are you wearing? How does this style make you feel? Does your satin maxi dress flow in the salty ocean breeze, or are you wearing a no-nonsense fabric that is 100% style without the fluff? Did you wear comfortable sandals to navigate the sandy shore? Did you pack a light shawl or cardigan for the evening hours? Allow yourself to be creative with color, using the landscape for inspiration: turquoise ocean hues, bougainvillea pink, sunkissed papaya chiffon, or perhaps a bright palm-tree-green bow tie. Keep these visions in mind when you shop for your destination wedding apparel.

The Theme for Spring 2023

BE BOLD, and don’t be afraid to use color!

For dress inspiration, check out Vogue’s Kris Goyri’s Mexico Spring 2023 collection, inspired by the Gualumbo flower, set in the agave fields of Oaxaca, Mexico. For suit ensembles, check out Fashion Bean’s smart new looks for Spring weddings this year. Remember, beach weddings relax formal dress code expectations. Colorful looks are welcome unless the bride and groom request otherwise. Double-check your invitation, then let your imagination get to work.

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For women, think semi-formal midi dress paired with strappy sandals and vibrant statement-piece earrings. For men, think khaki chino pants paired with a button-up linen shirt, plus a bright accessory piece such as a handkerchief, bowtie, or eye-catching footwear. You can take risks with a bold floral print or make a subtle statement in a neutral pastel with vibrant accessories. Weddings in Mexico invite you to explore a full-color palate and to dress in styles you might not otherwise wear in your home of origin. Allow yourself to experiment with color, and let the party begin!

There are some fabulous new choices this year if you are looking for a maxi dress, boho style, plus size, or even a short cocktail dress. Check out some of our new favorites at Wedding Forward. We suggest buying the dress first and accessorizing in Mexico, where you can find original hand-crafted jewelry made especially for the joyous occasion. However, you shop, early planning will help you avoid stress so you can relax at your destination and soak up every moment.

You want to wear lightweight fabrics if the wedding is during the day. Even the late afternoon Mexico sun can feel intense. Think of breathable linen fabrics, tulle, organza, cotton, silk, chiffon, satin, twill fabrics, and bamboo cotton. After sunset, however, the weather can feel chilly, and you will want to be prepared with a shawl or cardigan for evening receptions. For those who partake, we suggest a Tiki cocktail or two to help warm the soul as you dance the night away, celebrating love and making new memories.

Wedding Etiquette

Venues for Cancun Weddings

From vegan menu options to live rock concerts, modern weddings have evolved to reflect the bride and groom’s unique personality traits and values. Although every wedding may have a signature style, some things never change regarding guest etiquette. We suggest always being on time and early, if possible, to reduce stress and ensure that you don’t miss out on a minute of the ceremony or reception. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you won’t want to miss! We also suggest refraining from excessive alcohol consumption before the ceremony or reception to respect the bride and groom and show up as the best version of yourself. After all, your presence and personality are why they have invited you to their destination wedding, which is a great responsibility and an extinguished honor. Make this wedding an event to remember and celebrate for years to come!

Activities to Keep your Destination Wedding Guests Entertained in Cancun

Lastly, enjoy the planning process, and don’t be afraid to BE BOLD! Destination weddings are an excellent excuse to take a much-needed vacation and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Explore your surrounding area, book tours, take extended time on the beach, and don’t forget a spa day. If you have any questions along the way, your hotel concierge will be more than happy to assist you in planning these activities. Enjoy your beach wedding and spring vacation in Cancún, Mexico!


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