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The Best Italian Restaurant in Cancun

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Italian gastronomy is always a comforting favorite; something about the warm embrace of the classic aromas and flavors makes a good pasta and wine a treat to the palate. While vacationing in Cancun, you don’t have to miss out on your craving for a fine Italian dinner. This world-class destination offers excellent restaurants for every preference. You will be pleasantly surprised to find an extensive array of global gastronomy available, including the best Italian restaurant in Cancun. From the Riviera Maya to the famous Cancun hotel zone, you will find a variety of excellent Italian cuisine, from upscale dining to street trattorias.

Best Italian Restaurant in Cancun's hotel zone
Gourmet dishes at Villa del Palmar Cancun‘s Italian restaurant

Travel and exquisite culinary experiences have quickly become a familiar pairing, hand in hand with what we expect when exploring the world. More and more traveling foodies look for the best restaurants wherever they go. The hospitality industry in Cancun has answered this demand by raising the bar of resort dining experiences, such is the case of Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa.

Davino, an Authentic Italian Experience in Cancun

Located inside Villa del Palmar Cancun, a AAA 4 Diamond-rated resort, Davino, a sophisticated Italian restaurant, offers traditional nonna’s kitchen flavors with a contemporary twist. The menu is as enticing as the Cancun sunsets you can view from your table. Here, Italian classics take on new life with the presence of a seafood bar and fresh catch of the day dishes. Delicious pizzas and rustic bread are prepared daily in the traditional oven for an authentic Italian experience

Italian pizza in Cancun
Handmade pizza at Davino

You will feel the chic Italian ambiance of Davino from the moment you walk into the lounge and bar space. The large sitting area with stylish couches and a trendy bar is the perfect place to start the evening off with a handcrafted cocktail. The restaurant’s contemporary design gives it an uptown Manhattan vibe with the backdrop beauty of Cancun. Davino’s open concept kitchen in the center of the main dining area is not only a perfect design element but an invitation to travel through the aromas of classic Italian cuisine, preparing you for an unforgettable culinary experience at the best Italian restaurant in Cancun. 

Italian Seafood Gastronomy at its Best

Davino is known for its creative fusion of Italian classics with fresh seafood elements. The appetizer menu starts with flavorful options such as Scallops Fabiano, a Crostini di Mare, or the Classic Minestrone.

Octopus dishes in Cancun
Italian seafood dish at Davino Restaurant

Italian dining would not be complete without a perfectly handmade pizza, and Davino offers the best! The traditional brick oven transforms pizzas into a gourmet option to savor. A classic pepperoni, a popular vegetarian alternative like the Margherita, and newly inspired recipes like the tasty Calzone Toscana make up this delicious pizza menu. All pizzas can be made gluten-free upon request.

Handmade pizza
Pizza being made on a traditional brick oven

Davino is known for being one of the top Italian restaurants in Cancun for a reason. The exquisite food exceeds all expectations. The main course menu is the feature event, with handmade pasta such as its Spinach Pappardelle infused with the bold flavors of a Gorgonzola cheese sauce, mushrooms, pancetta, leeks, and the tastiest mozzarella with pesto.

Handmade pasta
Handmade pasta

You will also find a variety of proteins in composed delectable dishes at Davino. The T-bone Bistecca del Padrino is a menu favorite for meat lovers, served with provençal potato wedges, ricotta with parmesan bacon, and parsley, no doubt a hearty delight. A Chicken Carbonara couldn’t be missing at Davino; this classic dish is presented with creamy mashed potatoes and finished with a spicy kick. Pork and Lamb chops are also part of its palatable menu offerings of Davino. And, of course, fresh seafood is the star ingredient in this first-rate Italian restaurant. The catch of the day and exquisite lobster always make an appealing option, or choose Villaggio Cucina, the chef special inspired by local flavors, if you enjoy a culinary adventure.

Best Italian Restaurant in Cancun
Delicious meat Italian dish at Villa del Palmar Cancun

Davino has more to offer than the beautiful ocean views and delicious Italian dishes; the service is top-notch. The warm and knowledgeable restaurant staff will make you feel welcomed from the moment you arrive. They will provide insightful recommendations on the various menu options and a stellar wine selection and they will be there to help you decide the always difficult dessert-making choice. Friendly service is always the best compliment to a great menu.

The Gourmet Culinary All-Inclusive

Best Italian Restaurant in Cancun
Davino Restaurant at Villa del Palmar Cancun

Guests at Villa del Palmar Cancun who book the Gourmet Culinary All-Inclusive plan will have open doors to dine at Davino whenever they wish, as well as access to visit any of the other gourmet restaurants at Villa del Palmar Cancun, including:

  • Hiroshi – Contemporary Japanese Cuisine
  • Zamá Restaurant – Gourmet Mexican Cuisine
  • La Casona Steak House – Modern Steakhouse
  • Caprichos – World Cuisine & More

This exclusive package includes premium beverages and 24 hrs Room service. It is the best of the best for All-Inclusive plans.

Vacation trips to Cancun bring exciting sun-filled adventures and the best gastronomic experiences. Italian cuisine tugs at our heartstrings and taste buds with its simple recipes and delicious flavors. So, if you plan on visiting Cancun don’t miss your chance to visit the best Italian restaurant in Cancun.


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