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Top 10 Tips for Better Family Travel

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Every family has a “bucket list’’ of activities for each member of the household when they go on vacation. Family travel can involve seeking out places of culture, the pursuit of fun activities, and letting the family see a new world.

Traveling safely and independently with family is not a new concept, yet there are still many people whose beliefs, or worries may put them off the idea of going traveling with kids.

They might wonder if certain destinations are safe, worry about illness, or wonder what else could go wrong during a family holiday.

Traveling with children can be an adventure in itself, and parents or caregivers have a lot to consider to make family holidays safe and hassle-free. Choosing strategies that plan for every eventuality, can save a lot of stress.

Choose a Tourist Area

cancun mexico

Fortunately, Mexico has many tourist areas, usually with the nicest resorts, and the best activities for families. Cancun in the Riviera Maya is a great choice, as is Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco, or resorts in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Choose a Great Hotel

villa del palmar cancun

When looking for hotel recommendations, online sites such as Tripadvisor are incredibly useful. It’s interesting to see which hotels receive industry awards – for safety and cleanliness. Villa Del Palmar in Cancun, for example, is a wonderful all-inclusive resort for families, regularly receiving high accolades. Look for hotels that you can book with confidence.

Drink Bottled Water

bottle of water

Bottled water is provided at most resorts. Filtration systems aren’t fitted at every restaurant. The underground pipes in many areas are old, making tap water taste unpleasant, so it’s best to stick to bottled water where ‘agua’ is concerned.


mexican traditional tacos

Mexican food is always delicious food, but for children, or people with sensitive stomachs, some of the dishes may be too spicy. As a family traveler, always find out what the dishes contain. If any family does get a dose of ‘‘Montezuma’s Revenge,’’ know that pharmacists on every corner stock electrolyte products and antacids, etc. You don’t need to travel with these items.

Get Travel Insurance

travel insurance

When visiting Mexico, it’s recommended to take out travel insurance for all the family. With recent advisories requiring a negative COVID-19 test for re-entry into the United States or Canada, an important feature to look for is travel insurance that reimburses for any necessary expenses.

Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

smart traveller enrollment

STEP is a free service to allow U.S. citizens and nationals traveling to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. This can help the U.S. Embassy to contact you, or other members of your family in an emergency.

Arrange Your Transportation in Advance

man in a car

Family travel is comfortable in a car. Pre-arranging a rental car when when traveling is sensible, either through your hotel or through a travel provider like Apple Vacations. When taking a taxi, be sure to only use licensed taxi companies, and take a note of the taxi number, usually displayed on the doors.

Plan the Best Time to Travel 

family on the beach

Be aware that hurricane season takes place between July and October. Always familiarize yourself with the safety advice displayed in your hotel. On the beach, follow recommendations from lifeguards, as to when and where you can swim.

Pack a Beach Bag

beach bag

For a day trip or an outing to the beach, fill your beach bag with items such as sunscreen with a high SPF, bottled water to keep you hydrated, and mosquito repellent is also a great item to have with you at all times. While mosquitos don’t frequently tend to be around beach areas, you will encounter them from time to time, especially right before dusk. Also wear a sunhat, and don’t forget your polarized sunglasses.

Be Vigilant

people at night

Mexico is not without crime. It’s important when you go out not to wear any expensive jewelry, and to keep your cash and cards close to your body in a closed pocket, or in a purse. Be vigilant of people around you, especially if someone unnecessarily distracts you. Choosing a hotel or resort with a gated community and guards is an extra way to keep belongings safe.

Choose Mexico for a Great Family Vacation

Travel is a path of self-exploration and personal growth, which can strengthen family units. It is worth noting that travel can open up a child’s mind, and give them happy memories to cherish forever.

Older kids will enjoy-eco tours, day trips, and learning about different ways of life, whereas younger children will adore spending time together in a new place.

A family vacation in Mexico is a popular choice, with Mexico being a safe destination, recommended by travel advisories.

Mexico is paradise on earth, but the different landscapes aren’t the only differences from home. Before landing on its beautiful beaches, it’s important to stay connected to any travel advice.

Choosing the Right Family Travel

The gift of fear is a survival signal that protects us and our families from harm. Yet, we shouldn’t let our powers of parental intuition get carried away with unwarranted fears. With the correct information and travel tips, we can redefine our fears of any challenges we thought we might encounter traveling to Mexico.

Tourist areas and all-inclusive resorts in Mexico are safe and can provide dynamic learning experiences for kids that they simply won’t learn in a classroom back home.

We hope this has been a compassionate primer for those concerned about traveling with kids, and we hope you will always remember first and foremost, the reasons why you love to travel.

Good vibes only – and remember those bucket lists!


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