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The Benefits of Citrus for Skincare

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Going on vacation and taking care of your skin are two things that are no joke, and you can do them both simultaneously! Keep on reading to discover the multiple benefits of citrus for your skin and where you can pamper yourself with them while having the holiday you’ve always dreamed of.

Girls holding oranges in front of their faces

Citrus fruits are great, right? They are delicious, smell great, and boost your immune system. But wait! There are more health benefits to these sweet treats: they can help lower blood pressure, avoid heart disease, promote weight loss, and reduce your risk of developing kidney stones.

benefits of citrus

Furthermore, they can help protect your brain from diseases related to chronic inflammation as they are rich in quercetin. This anti-inflammatory flavonoid is found in large quantities in citrus fruits.

What are the Benefits of Citrus Fruits for the Skin?

Now that you know about the many wonders citrus fruits can bring to your health, it’s time you learn about the benefits of citrus regarding skincare.

Happy woman holding a citrus

If you have not incorporated some form of vitamin C into your skincare routine, you are missing out on an exceptional ally that can help you attain skin health like no other.

benefits of citrus for skincare

Diminished wrinkles, glowing skin, protection from UV rays, deep hydration, rejuvenation, and regained elasticity… citrus fruits are basically the fountain of youth! And that’s not all; the benefits of citrus include a plethora of nourishment, antioxidant, and collagen production properties that are rarely found together.

Is Citrus Good for the Skin?

Well, yes! While countless skincare ingredients can help you look and feel your best, none pack a punch like citrus does.

The richness of grapefruit, lemon, lime, mandarin, tangerine, orange, and pomelo is to be tasted, but it can also be used to your advantage when added to skincare products.

Cut fruits on a table

These marvelous citrus fruits make for a feast on their own, but when incorporated into a delicious scrub or a velvety serum, they become a dreamy delight for your skin.

Get a personalized scrub with some citrus goodness in it, and dead skin cells will be a thing of the past! The high level of vitamin C found in citrus fruits makes them excellent at neutralizing free radicals, ultimately resulting in a brighter and more even skin complexion.

Woman holding oranges

Every skin cell in your body will be grateful and radiant once you quench your citrus thirst and discover the goodness of the equivalent of a shot of lemon juice to the skin!

Is Citrus Good for the Face?

benefits of citrus spa treatments

Definitely. From improving the appearance of wrinkles to lightening dark spots, the benefits of citrus are plentiful. If you are looking for glowing skin, you must try a vitamin C serum, for example, and soak in all the goodness you’ll get from the benefits of citrus. You can also get a professional facial at a Spa with various products derived from citrus fruits to draw out your inner glow while you nourish your skin with pore-refining, tightening, and anti-aging properties.

Citrus Spa Treatments at Village Spa

Nestled between verdant gardens, the Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun is a luscious sanctuary devoted to wellness and holistic repose of the mind, soul, and body.  

Village spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun

If you’re paying Mexico a visit, go ahead and delve into the ancient healing legacies of the Maya culture by booking an appointment and delighting your senses with a select menu of signature treatments and experiences. 

village spa in Cancun

Many skincare professionals have long known about and taken advantage of the benefits of citrus, and the Village Spa is no exception. 

The most genuine proof of this is the Tikal Citrus Fresh Experience, part of the Spa’s Premium Rituals. It includes the following steps: 

  • A tangerine-based exfoliating wrap rich in citric acid to kiss pesky dead cells goodbye
  • A luxurious body oil saturated with citrus essential oils to soften and soothe skin
  • A calming facial treatment that will truly show you the power and benefits of citrus.

You can also find harmony in other treatments, such as the vibrant Inner Beauty Ritual Ek Balam. Designed to infuse and redefine the skin of the face and body with the intense firming hydration of vitamin C, you will literally be in paradise with this exquisite service. 

If you are short on time but are still looking for a quick treat, you might want to check out the Chak Facial Caress. This unique treatment leaves your skin revitalized and refreshed as citrus peels in a gin and tonic would your palate.  

A Punch of Citrus: Skincare to Glow 

benefits of citrus at a spa

Now that you’ve had a taste of the tremendous benefits of citrus, take a chance and jump into the world of vitamin C. Pay a visit to Cancun, and take some time off your holiday to spoil and freshen yourself up at the Village Spa. You won’t regret it!


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