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New Spa Treatments at Village Spa

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New spa treatments or new spa trends seem to come and go. With advancing beauty technology and our well-informed clientele always pushing us to the best, at the Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Luxury Beach Resort & Spa in Cancun, we know how to exclusively select the best spa experiences.

We love being a bridge between both the old and new, so to go beyond the traditional, we regularly incorporate new spa treatments to meet the needs of those looking for more result-based therapies.

Our new spa treatments have been hand-picked by our staff, so our guests may receive skin treatments providing instant results and body treatments that rejuvenate immediately.

new spa treatments, massages

Giving our clients the lifts they have been looking for in all the right places – including them being obsessed with the beauty results – is our goal!

The best part? You don’t have to wait!

At the Village Spa, we are always performing beauty miracles. The new spa treatments below are already available on-site.

The HydraFacial

If you want your skin to be glowing – matching how you feel on vacation – you will want to explore the rejuvenation options available with the medical-grade treatment known as the HydraFacial.

Using patented technology, and making over 2 billion media impressions over the last year, the HydraFacial is a non-invasive skin treatment that utilizes a high-technology handpiece. The handpiece has patented, spiralized treatment tips equipped with “vortex technology” to treat numerous skin conditions.

new spa treatments, the hydrafacial

Calming of redness, smoothing of lines, the hydration of dry and dehydrated skin, and skin-brightening are all effects that can be achieved for immediate radiant skin, even around the eyes and lips.

Combining several skin treatments into one session – cleansing, peeling, exfoliation, vacuum suction extraction to remove dead skin and dirt, hydrating serums massaged into pores, and LED blue and red light therapy, are all different options.


The treatments take 50 or 80 minutes, depending on skin type and desired outcomes. Both treatment times include a “Lamina Lift Mask,” – a seaweed mask rich in antioxidants that helps to reduce inflammation.

The 80-minute session includes a booster treatment, a foot massage, deeper cleansing, and a lymphatic drainage facial massage.

Binary Premium by RÖS’S

Working on improving body image while experiencing a feeling of wellness at the same time is easy with the Binary Premium by RÖS’S.

Again, a medical-grade treatment, this time for the face and body – having this treatment will have you looking and feeling your best.

new spa treatments Binary Premium by RÖS’S

The Binary Premium is a biostimulation spa machine that helps in the recovery and regeneration of skin and muscle cells. There are thirty programs within the treatments it gives, with three programming modes: aesthetics, physiotherapy, and medical.

The procedures combine electro-lifting, electro-firming, and electro-sculpting while the techniques oxygenate skin tissues, aiding in toning, lifting, and contouring the face and body.

Binary Premium by RÖS’S

Even skin recovery from burns, stretch marks, and scars, can be achieved, or cellulite and capillary reduction, pain treatments, sports rehabilitation, and pelvic floor recovery.

There are lots of customizations available to relieve pain, improve your appearance and reaffirm yourself with a perfect, healthy body, all while beautifully remodeling and sculpting yourself.

A Sincere Desire to Make You Feel Good

Our treatment menu will always have something every wellness lover will adore and we’re delighted to have showcased two of these special new spa treatments above.

With the HydraFacial, unmasking radiant skin is easy – helping build confidence to look your best for your holiday adventures. Let’s face it, when you feel better about your appearance, it makes you feel better about yourself.

Smiling woman

And, as noted, to be on a journey where you can heal, look good, and feel good on vacation is also possible with the HydraFacial and Binary Premium by RÖS’S.

Our number one priority is providing effective body or skin treatments delivered through state-of-the-art equipment while still providing other natural, ancient, and old remedies.

Hot rocks massage

Therefore, with our sincere attention to all clients in mind, we also offer a mixed hydrotherapy circuit that will help prepare the body and soul on beginning a journey for a full experience of complete relaxation.

We have created so many treatments for your contentment and time to yourself, including the “Chichen” Energizing Diamond Ritual, where you can renew yourself with a body mask, scalp massage, and dry finishing oils, helping you become reborn with impressively nourished skin.

new spa treatments, body wraps

Or how about the “Ek Balam” Inner Beauty Ritual, where you can infuse your skin with the intense firming hydration of vitamin C?

In conclusion, many beauty treatments go on to transcend through time, pervading all parts of tradition – we all know how much beauty and grooming meant to the ancient Mayans.

new spa treatments, inner beauty rituals

All of our new spa treatments somewhat combine different, ancient techniques of body and soul healing, such as relaxing massage, acupressure, lomi- lomi, stretching, and deep tissue – for you to find yourself once again.

So why not get a head start on planning your holiday de-stress and treat yourself to a spa escape at the Village Spa in Cancun? We know you deserve it!


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