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Montezuma’s Revenge – How to Avoid Getting Sick in Mexico

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A very common misconception regarding Mexico is that you are certain to get sick if you take a vacation there. In fact, there’s even a term for it; Montezuma’s revenge. In many cases, however, people are sick in Mexico for the first few days of their vacation due to the stress of traveling itself. Someone with a really sensitive stomach may find that even traveling to another state upsets their inner balance, and so flying to another country is less than easy for them. If you are not this kind of traveler, however, you are off to a good start and, if you follow our advice you are likely to stay healthy all vacation.

How to Avoid getting sick in Mexico

Water in Mexico

Drink Water - How to Avoid Getting Sick in Mexico

Water is key to your body functions no matter where you are, and, as you might imagine, it’s doubly important when you’re on vacation in a sweltering foreign country. The tap water in Mexico will most certainly be safe by local health and safety standards, but won’t necessarily agree with your stomach. As such it’s much better to just stick to bottled water, and it’s definitely important that you drink more water than you usually would. Compensating for the heat is very important; dehydration and heat exhaustion (not to mention sunstroke) are the most common ailments among tourists. Although the water is filtered at Villa del Palmar Cancun throughout, we provide bottled water for your convenience.

Alcohol and Overeating in Mexico

Alcohol and overeating - How to Avoid Getting Sick in Mexico

Often people will blame the water in Mexico for certain bouts of sickness when what is really the issue is over-indulgence in regards to alcohol and food. Keep in mind that salty, spicy foods and alcohol dehydrate you and so it is important that you compensate more thoroughly. Certain anti-diarrhoea sachets are a great way to rehydrate during a drinking session and will have the added effect of settling your stomach if the local food was too rich or spicy.

Ice in Mexico

Ice in Mexico - How to Avoid Getting Sick in Mexico

Ice cubes are tricky; very often bars will use tap water when making them so do ask if they used purified water ice cubes (store bought) or make their own. If they’re tap water ice cubes it might be best to get bottles beer from the refrigerator, or get a cold can of soda as a mixer for your liquor (rather than draft soda). At Villa del Palmar Cancun, you can be sure our ice cubes are made with safe drinking water.

Restaurants in Mexico

Restaurants in Mexico - How to Avoid Getting Sick in Mexico

Check Tripadvisor or as your concierge to find out which restaurants in Mexico are best for tourists to eat at. Your hotel restaurant is always a good bet.

Eating on the streets of Mexico

Eating on the streets of Mexico - How to Avoid Getting Sick in Mexico

Street food may seem to be the essence of Mexico, but it can really mess with your stomach if you are not from the area. Most of the Taco Stands don’t refrigerate their sauces, and you can’t be sure that they’re not using tap water so avoid them where possible. If you definitely want to try it, however, ask a local which stands are best and squeeze some lemon on your taco.

Mexico’s Chilis

Mexico's Chilis - How to Avoid Getting Sick in Mexico

Always ask the waiter about the sauces from Mexico; it might look like avocado sauce (Guacamole), but chances are its chili sauce and the green sauces are often the hottest.

Meat in Mexico

Meat in Mexico - How to Avoid Getting Sick in Mexico

Unless you are eating great meat in Mexico at one of the restaurants at Villa del Palmar Cancun or a highly recommended fine dining restaurant in Cancun, medium to well-done should be your go to, even if you prefer rare.

Have any tips for how to avoid getting sick in Mexico? Add your advice to the comments box!


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