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Taxis and Bus Services in Cancun|Taxis and Bus Services in Cancun|Taxis and Bus Services in Cancun|Taxis and Bus Services in Cancun|Taxis and Bus Services in Cancun|

Taxis and Bus Services in Cancun

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If you are planning a trip to Cancun, then you can rest assure, because there are many different options that are safe for vacationers to get around Cancun. Thankfully, using the bus or taxis in Cancun day or night is completely safe, but always use common sense, just as you would in your own country.

Taxis and Bus Services in Cancun


There are a lot of taxis available in Cancun. You will see a taxi just about every two or three minutes in Cancun. One thing to remember about the taxis in Cancun is they are not metered, which means you will have to talk over the fare with the driver before you get into the taxi. If you are in the Hotel Zone, then the taxi fare can be quite expensive, so always talk to the driver beforehand, so you know how much you are required to pay. Another thing that you can do is ask a local how much they normally pay going from that location.

Public Buses

In the Hotel Zone, taking a public bus is a great way to travel and it is a good deal day and night. The cost for taking the bus in the Hotel Zone is around $1 USD, per trip. The buses come very often and they are comfortable to ride on – some of them have air conditioning and even Wi-Fi. The public buses are a better choice for traveling in Cancun over taxis if you are not in a rush.

ADO Buses

For first class bus travel in Cancun, look for the ADO buses as they travel to and from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and the Cancun International Airport. These buses are air conditioned and show a movie.

Playa Express

If you are looking for cheaper bus to travel to get to Playa del Carmen from Cancun, then Playa Express offers more economical fares. The Playa Express is cheaper than the ADO bus and it will run every twenty minutes, so if you are wanting to travel to Playa del Carmen and you don’t have a lot of baggage, then Playa Express is a great bus choice.

White Vans or Colectivos

The white small vans that you see in Cancun are called Colectivos. These vans travel from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. Unfortunately, they are not a comfortable ride, but they are very affordable. If you are watching your budget, then the colectivo is a great choice. Travelers to Puerto Juarez can use the colectivos, then hop on the ferry to get to Isla Mujeres. Guests at Villa del Palmar Cancun can catch a colectivo from directly outside the resort.

Keeping yourself safe on public transport in Cancun

Keeping yourself safe on public transport in Cancun

Cancun is generally very safe for tourists to navigate the city although common sense should be used. As in most cities, visitors should avoid traveling alone at night and should always be aware of the surroundings that you are in. If you have no choice but to take public transportation at night, then before you get into a taxi you should let a friend know the registration number or even the taxi driver’s name, and if you are taking the bus at night alone, then let a friend know the bus number and the route that the bus will be taking.


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