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Best Hotels in Mexico for Honeymoon Vacations

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There is no denying that Mexico is one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. Year on year thousands of happy couples flock to these shores in order to found the best hotels in Mexico for their Honeymoon vacations which boast luxury amenities and fabulous activities.

Best Hotels in Mexico for Honeymoon Vacations

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for when searching for the best hotels in Mexico, you’ll find the perfect fit for the perfect honeymoon. Mexico may be one of the only places in the world where you can find mountain getaways, jungle retreats, beach front hideaways, and stunning city destinations within easy reach of each other (and all soaked in glorious sunshine, too!).

There are literally thousands of hotels in Mexico for you to choose from, but we believe that the Tafer Collection offers some of the very best hotels in Mexico for honeymoons. Take a look at our suggestions below:

Villa del Palmar Luxury Beach Resort & Spa – Cancun

Villa del Palmar Luxury Beach Resort & Spa - Cancun

Cancun is a city of music, history, culture, and romance, and the Villa del Palmar Cancun resort is one of the best places in which to base your exploration of this most vibrant of cities. The resort overlooks the stunning waters of the Mexican Caribbean and offers everything you could need to make your honeymoon a romance filled extravaganza! Easily one of the best hotels in Mexico for affordable 5 star romance.

Hotel Mousai – Puerto Vallarta

Hotel Mousai - Puerto Vallarta

At the adults only Hotel Mousai on the Garza Blanca preserve in Puerto Vallarta, luxury, sophistication, and romance are keywords to keep in mind when comparing the best hotels in Mexico. The hotel’s Spa Imagine offers some of the most amazing couples massages with a view over the sparkling waters of Banderas Bay!

Sian Ka’an Village – Sian Ka’an Biosphere


If you’re looking for that unique experience that will have everyone talking, the Sian Ka’an Village is definitely for you; found in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere and nature reserve this hotel is secluded, rustic, and immersed in all the romance and glory of some of the most untouched and rare ecosystems of the world. Why not have a romantic dinner for two on the beach?

Sierra Lago – Mascota


Sierra Lago offers the best gift of all; time and space in which to get to know each other all over again! Nestled by a lake in the Sierra Madre mountains the luxury cabins here will seriously tempt you to spend your honeymoon indoors. Thankfully the landscape here is just too stunning to pass up! You might even choose to combine a stay in the mountains followed by a stay at the beach at Hotel Mousai.

Villa del Arco – Cabo San Lucas


Villa del Arco overlooks stunning Lands End, and provides the a great launch pad for those who want to experience the beautiful contrasts of Cabo San Lucas! Here the desert meets the coast, the majesty of nature meets the lights of the city, and you and your lover can meet your future in a haze of sunshine and romance.


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