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Last Minute Vacations or Advance Bookings

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In this world, there are two extreme styles of travel planning: booking last minute vacations in the hopes of scoring an unbelievable deal, and at the other end of the spectrum, organizing travel details far in advance.  

We all know somebody who loves the thrill of getting a bargain at the last minute, as well as somebody who cannot relax until their vacation six months away is completely planned out with an advance booking.  However, you may not really fall into either category, so how do you know when you should book your travel?  You need to first evaluate your present lifestyle and what you are trying to achieve with your vacation plans.  

Take a look at some of the most important elements to assess before you book your next getaway and decide if last minute vacations or advance bookings are more your style.

Your Personal Circumstances

Your Personal Circumstances

Without a doubt, this component is the most important when considering how to book a trip.  Planning a trip in advance is a good idea if you have school-aged children, have restricted dates off from work or if you have your heart set on a particular trip.  Advance bookings will allow you to have a wider range to choose from on everything from plane seats to hotel rooms.  However, booking a last minute vacation can actually net you some jaw-dropping deals on travel to dreamy international destinations – as long as you are flexible about where and when you travel.  An exception to this, though, is traveling during peak times including holiday periods.  Because these stretches are so sought-after, reservations are typically filled months ahead of time, leaving last minute vacationers with very few options that may cost a lot more than usual.  

The Prices

The Prices

While it may appear that booking travel at the last minute will get you the greatest bargains, there are perks to advance bookings as well.  Many hotels thank customers for booking their travel ahead of time with incentives like discounts on spa services and meals, room upgrades, discounts for single travelers, one night free, and so on.  Suddenly that vacation isn’t out of your budget after all!  However, if you love to score a great deal and have an open mind about the details of your vacation, waiting to book a last minute vacation can help you save even more money.  Regardless of your travel booking style, signing up with your preferred travel companies for alerts will give you the first look at their most impressive bargains.  

Do you feel Daring?

Do you feel Daring?

Would you be upset if the hotel that you have been dreaming of staying at is booked solid when you want to travel?  Are you dying to join your friends on a group vacation and stay in the same place, travel on the same flight, etc.?  If you answered yes to either question, you will be better off opting for advance bookings rather than last minute vacation to avoid disappointment and regret.  You will also be able to search for the best price by shopping multiple sources rather


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