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Mother’s Day in Cancun: 5 Ways to Wow Your Mom

Year after year, you send your mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a heartfelt card on Mother’s Day, hoping she’ll understand just how much you appreciate everything she has done for you. This year, why not surprise her with an extra special Mother’s Day gift that is distinct from all the rest? Give the gift of incredible memories by taking her on a relaxing vacation in the Mexican Caribbean full of entertaining, relaxing and extraordinary activities.  Not only is Cancun the perfect place to show your gratitude, but with these incredible experiences, you’ll be giving her the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

Here are some things you can do with your mom in Cancun.

Delve into a Foodie’s Paradise

Finding something delicious to eat in Cancun has never been a problem. Whether ordering room service for a scrumptious breakfast in bed or dining in one of the many delectable restaurants throughout town, you’ll find a selection of first rate cuisines to tempt her palate and satisfy all her cravings. Treat your mom to her favorite meal or suggest she try a tasty Mexican dish.

Delve into a Foodie’s Paradise

Set Sail on a Caribbean Cruise

Take advantage of the private yacht rentals available all over Cancun and take your mom on the cruise of her life. Not only will she get to see beautiful Cancun from a whole new perspective, but she’ll stand witness to the exotic marine life and breathtaking scenery that abounds in this tropical paradise.

Treat Her to Some Retail Therapy

Cancun has perfect shopping opportunities for everyone, from those with the most lavish preferences to visitors with the most quaint tastes. Head to one of the numerous plazas for an extraordinary shopping adventure, where you’ll find the latest in fashion and the finest jewelry.  Or visit Mercado 28 in the heart of downtown Cancun, where you’ll find a mix of handmade Mexican handicrafts and trendy souvenirs. Whatever her tastes, a little retail therapy will have her feeling luxurious this Mother’s Day.

Pamper Her from Head to Toe

There is no doubt that every mother, young or old, could use some time for rest and relaxation. Send her off on a spa day, where she can focus on herself and relax in peaceful tranquility. At the Village Spa, at Villa Del Palmar Cancun, she’ll receive some of the most sensual spa treatments in the world. The professional staff will treat her like royalty and she’ll leave feeling like a Queen.

Village Spa Villa Del Palmar Cancun

Experience Something Majestic

There is an endless array of majestic attractions in and around Cancun that will leave her with lasting memories.  Take your mom on an adventure to one of the ancient Mayan ruins, visit the Botanical Gardens or dive in and visit MUSA, the Subaquatic Museum on the bottom of the seafloor. This Mother’s Day will have her feeling the magic and loving everything about being a mom.

Experience Something Majestic