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How to Get the Best Travel Deals on Black Friday?

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Businesses in every industry offer their best deals of the year on the day after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday. This can be the best time of the year to plan your vacation. No matter where you like to travel, everyone knows that the best family vacations start with discounts!  Here are some tips for buying vacation packages during Black Friday sales.

Know Your Destination 

Black Friday Vacations Deals to Villa del Palmar Cancun

In order to find the best deals on Black Friday, it’s helpful to first narrow your online search to your favorite destination and even your favorite resort. For example if you know you want to travel to Mexico, you could start by researching the best all inclusive resorts in Mexico and see if you find a particular city or resort that you like.

Know Your Resort Style

Know Your Resort Style, Black Friday Sale Cancun All Inclusive

Narrow your search even more by knowing what kind of resort you prefer. Whether you’re looking for an oceanfront resort, a spa resort, a resort with penthouse suites, a family friendly resort, an adults only resort, etc. Thinking about what features best fit your style can help you find the best Black Friday deals for you. If you are looking for all inclusive package deals, make sure to verify the resort you are looking at offers all inclusive.

Sign Up

Sign Up: Early Access Black Friday Deals Vacations to Cancun

Once you have picked our your favorite hotel, it’s a good idea to sign up for their newsletter. If you’re on the mailing list you’ll get the best offers. Sign up for newsletters and check your email for discount links or codes for special offers on rooms, suites, or flights. Most all inclusive resorts will offer special Black Friday deals. Check your inbox on Black Friday for special links or codes for discounts on vacation packages. Black Friday offers could include specials like discounts or upgrades.

Get Social

Many resorts and airlines post their best deals on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, so make sure you check social media for the best offers. Check accounts of your favorite hotels and airlines for special links or discount codes. Similar to email lists, many hospitality businesses offer Black Friday discounts to their social media followers. Make sure you know which social media sites your favorite hotels are using, so that you don’t miss their promotions. Sometimes hotels will post special social media deals only on Instagram, for example. Or, sometimes they will post extra upgrades or bonuses on one site but not another site. For example maybe a hotel will offer a coupon for a fine dining experience only on their instagram account, or they might offer a free upgrade to a room with an ocean view only to their Facebook followers.

Buy Now

Buy Now

If you click a link to a webpage for a special Black Friday sale price or use a sale code, make sure to complete your purchase during Black Friday. Special sales are often only good for that one day. The next day the webpage or code may no longer be available. Don’t delay making your purchase. The idea is to capture the lowest price or best offer while you can!

Shop Early

Shop Early

Everyone knows that shopping early in the morning on Black Friday can be the best time to get great deals, but in recent years many brands have started their Black Friday sales earlier in the week. It can be a good idea to check websites and social media for early access to online sales. Again, sometimes you can find links or special codes in your email or on social media pages that give you early access to Black Friday sales.

These are just some ideas to help you find the best price on your all inclusive vacation during the hottest shopping time of the year. Villa del Palmar Resort & Spa in Cancun a is offering deals for Black Friday, too, so make sure to check out our websites and social media sites! We have started our sale early this year so you can have extra time to get the best value on your Mexico family vacation! Villa del Palmar is a luxury beach resort in Cancun where you can find oceanfront suites, a pool bar, rooftop lounge and much more. It’s a great place for your holiday family vacation or a romantic getaway with your sweetheart any time of the year. Visit our website for more information!:


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