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4 Reasons to Celebrate the Holidays in Cancun

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The holiday season brings about a myriad of reasons to visit the vibrant city of Cancun.  Aside from the white sand beaches and stunning seascapes, the popular tourist destination is a mecca of entertainment and celebration. From the traditional displays of nativity scenes and the honoring of the Virgin of Guadalupe to the memorable Christmas posadas and epic Winter Solstice celebrations, Cancun has a little bit of something to boost the holiday spirit of all those who visit during the month of December.  Here are the top four reasons to spend the holidays in Cancun.

Incredible Weather

It goes without saying that the near perfect weather, hovering around a comfortable 80 degrees fahrenheit, is a delightful break from the freezing temperatures, gloomy winter days and insurmountable banks of snow and slush.  During the month of December, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, making it an incredible time to kick back and enjoy the natural beauty that abounds in Cancun.

holidays in cancun

December is Full of Celebrations

Mexicans love a good party and with so much to celebrate during the month of December it can seem like the festivities are never ending.  The holiday season begins on December 12, when people all over the nation join together to honor the Virgin of Guadalupe, a religious icon unique to Mexican culture.  

The spirit of celebration continues on to Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) when the majority of families celebrate the holiday.  There are also decadent celebrations on New Year’s Eve, often featuring brilliant displays of fireworks and again on el Dia de los Reyes (3 Kings Day), when friends and family get together to break the traditional rosca (sweet bread).  Much like the warm feeling of Mexican culture, their holiday season will have you feeling the magic of being in Cancun.


Ancient Traditions

When the once great Mayan Civilization flourished throughout Mexico and Central America, the Mayans celebrated the Winter Solstice and built grand temples in honor of the sun.  Much like the rituals and ceremonies of the past, Mexicans carry on the ancient tradition by celebrating the arrival of the Winter Solstice each year on December 21st at various locations along the Caribbean coast.  Visitors can head to Chichen Itza, where hordes of individuals settle in to witness the sun’s shadow as it rolls up the side of El Castillo temple, before taking its place in the winter sky.  Equally as impressive, the same pyramid appears to be split in half with one side in total darkness and the other in broad daylight.  At el Meco, an ancient site of Mayan ruins just minutes from the Villa del Palmar Cancun resort, locals and tourists can join in on the rituals, both singing and lighting candles in honor of the beginning of a new solar year and the cycle of time.  

holidays in cancun

Best Family Friendly Resorts for Holidays

At Villa del Palmar Cancun, one of the most luxurious hotels on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, we are known for our elaborate celebrations, stunning decorations and for hosting some of the most divine feasts in town.  Guests of our five-star resort can expect exciting activities and a slew of holiday treats that will make vacationing during the holidays the best choice you’ve made all year.


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