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Why You Should Never Bring Your Children on Vacation to Mexico

Why You Should Never Bring Your Children on Vacation to Mexico

Mexico has long been a country that families flock to for memorable vacations, thanks to its beautiful scenery and welcoming atmosphere.  There is something for everyone in Mexico, which is why both parents and their children have found traveling to Mexico so enticing.  

Blessed with awe-inspiring coastlines, incredible food, a culture that is rich in tradition, friendly faces and welcoming hospitality, Mexico is sure to make a lasting impression on your entire family.  If you are planning on taking your children to Mexico on a vacation, you may want to consider the following “dangers” of visiting this delightful country.  After all, you and your children may just love it so much that you won’t be able to stay away!

  1. Home to some of the most adorable and charming kids in the world, Mexico is a great place for your children to make some new amigos.  It might become the only place your children want to visit, just so they can see their new friends again.
  2. If your kids take up water sports such as stand up paddle boarding or surfing during your getaway, you may end up taking every future family vacation in Mexico so they can practice their new hobby.  
  3. You might feel a little bit frustrated when your kids surpass your skills at speaking Spanish simply by being exposed to the language while on your trip.  
  4. A desire to learn more about marine biology could be sparked within your kids by watching newborn turtles make their first journey into the ocean.
  5. Bursting with toys, trinkets, candies, and piñatas, traditional Mexican markets are a feast for the senses, making a trip to your regular grocery store with you once you have returned home a total drag.  
  6. Your kids may be inspired to become the next generation’s environmental advocates on behalf of protecting the ocean when they get up close to marine wildlife while snorkeling.   
  7. With countless stretches of gorgeous coastline to explore, your kids are sure to overdo it on fun while playing in the surf and sand.  
  8. Thanks to the festive holiday known as Día de los Muertos, the skulls and skeletons held so dear as symbols for the dearly departed within the Mexican culture are everywhere; instead of scaring your children off, these colorful images may captivate them.   
  9. If you don’t know much about the extraordinary artwork and life of Mexican icon Frida Kahlo, get ready to learn because your children will no doubt take note of her steady presence within the country’s culture even though she has been gone for decades.
  10. Mexico is home to a culture that is traditionally filled with lively colors, so don’t be surprised when you return home and find your kids begging you to redecorate their rooms in vivid tones.
  11. Your children may find Mexico’s spirited atmosphere so inviting that you have to return time and time again so they can get their fill of its rich traditions, from time-honored dances to mariachi music.  

Clearly, taking a vacation in Mexico with your children can be a dangerous prospect since it will likely inspire many more trips there!