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Honeymoon Mistakes you Wish you Had Avoided|||Not Taking Time to Unwind

Honeymoon Mistakes you Wish you Had Avoided

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Every single couple looks forward to their honeymoon as a time of joy and romance after the stress and chaos of wedding planning. This is a time to decompress as a couple and make some memories in your first days as a married couple. If you make certain mistakes, however, your honeymoon can be less than perfect.

Here are six mistakes you will definitely want to avoid when you’re planning your honeymoon.

Not Taking Time to Unwind

Not Taking Time to Unwind

Sightseeing and adventuring are absolutely great ideas while on honeymoon, if that is your passion, but you’ll regret packing your schedule too tight. Go for a good balance of down time and activities to ensure you have time for romance.

Forgetting Contraceptives

While some honeymooners want to start a family as soon as they arrive to their destination, not everyone does. If you’re not one of those people, you should probably remember to bring your favored contraception with you. That way you can rest easy knowing that everything is under control.

Booking a Cheap Flight

Booking a Cheap Flight

You may not have a huge budget, but when it comes to cutting costs your flights may not be the place to do it! Discount airliners can be more trouble than the discounts are worth, and a flight schedule with many layovers can leave you frazzled and fatigued. Nothing kills a romantic buzz quite like waiting around in an airport at 2am for a connecting flight, and if one of the flights is late you could be in for a long journey. Make sure you book your flights early so you are not in any danger of being bumped off a flight that has been oversold.

Going cheap on your room

Cheaping out on your room, too, is a bad idea; you should get the best room you can afford because there’s a high chance you’ll be staying in it for a few of your days there. If you’re going to splurge anywhere it should be on your room. Do be sure to tell the resort you’re on honeymoon, too, as they often offer special treats for people on their honeymoon.

Leaving RIght After Your Wedding

Leaving RIght After Your Wedding

The concept of hopping into a limo to go away on honeymoon after or during your reception is an ideal that many subscribe to, but it’s more complex than you might imagine. For example, where will you keep your luggage and passports during the wedding, who will deliver your wedding presents home, where will you change out of your wedding attire (surely you won’t travel in it?)? Furthermore, your wedding is a big day which can be exhausting; you may want a day or two to recuperate before you head off.

Traveling with Family or Friends

Vacationing with family and friends is a wonderful experience and “buddy-mooning” is becoming a trend. However, your honeymoon should be for you and your spouse to bond; these are your first days as a married couple. Take our advice, preserve the romance and honeymoon alone!


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