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Top 6 Cenotes Tours in Cancun and Riviera Maya

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Cenotes is the name given to the magical deep waterholes that are located throughout Cancun and the Riviera Maya. These natural wells are said to be the result of the fallout from a meteor that crashed into what is now the gulf of Mexico millions of years ago. Together with the help of mother nature over time, these deep wells with their subterranean rivers and caves have become the beauty spots for which the region is renowned. Cenote tours in Cancun never fail to inspire and leave you mesmerized.


Each of the cenotes near Cancun are unique, varying in depth, circumference and vegetation. Some have access to navigable underground river systems, some offer caves with stalactites and stalagmites for you to explore; some are more suitable for young families, while others are more suitable for extreme adventure. The experience is sure to be unlike anything you have encountered before.

Sacred Energy Centers


For the ancient Maya, cenotes were more than just beauty spots to be explored and enjoyed, they were a source of life and a portal to the gods. During the dry seasons, cenotes were the only places where they could get fresh water and fish, becoming an important source of sustenance for the community. The Maya also thought the cenotes were an opening to another mystical world where they could communicate with the gods, giving their prayers. They would perform a variety of ceremonies at the cenote openings to honor their gods and made sure they would never disturb or disrespect the natural surroundings of the cenote.


Today when you visit Cancun, you can take one of the many tours to explore a cenote or visit them buy your own means. You can go swimming, diving and snorkeling in the cenotes and experience one of the most unique gifts of nature.

Top Cenote Tours in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Cenote lk-kil


The archaeological site of Chichen Itza is close to this cenote. lk-kil has been used for several international competitions, which include cliff jumping because the cenote has a depth of 39 meters and width of 60 meters.

Cenote X-Cajum

The Dzitas-Piste road is where this cenote is located. The cenote X-Cajum has an amazing height, so people will have to walk down several meters to get to this cenote, but once you arrive you can enjoy its crystal blue waters and its abundance of fauna. There is also a restaurant, so people can eat lunch while visiting this cenote.

Cenote lik’

This is an ancient cenote that is located right in the center of the jungle, so people can enjoy the lush vegetation along with zip lining.

Cenote X-keken or Dzitnup


This cenote is located in the X-keken town and has a large cavern with blue waters, stalactites, and many fish species. People can enjoy snorkeling due to the deep waters, then look up and see the sunlight peering through the hole that is located in the ceiling of the cenote.

Cenote Zaci


This cenote is located in the center of Valladolid and its width is 28 meters and its height is 26 meters. This is the setting of many Mayan legends.

Cenote Suytun


This cenote is located close to Valladolid about an hour from Cancun. This is a special cenote as it is a cavern and is located in a farm. There is also a museum that has relics from the cenote. People can see stalactites and many different species of river fish too. The cenote is perfect for people who enjoy snorkeling and swimming.

If you are interested in a cenote tour, ask the Villa del Palmar Cancun tour agent for excursion prices and guidance on where best to visit.


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