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Fishing Tours in Cancun

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Home to some of the most thrilling sea fishing around, Cancun is a fantastic destination to visit if you have been dreaming of landing the big one!  The waters surrounding Cancun are filled with an amazingly diverse variety of fish and other sea-dwelling species that are sure to make your sport fishing adventure one that you will never forget.  

There are several ways to experience a customized, once-in-a-lifetime fishing expedition so that you get a chance to go after the types of fish you desire and employ the style of fishing you enjoy most.  The Yucatan Peninsula draws fishermen from all over the globe, ranging from beginners to skilled anglers, no matter the time of year, to battle it out with the vast array of fish in the area.

Of course, not all fish are available year round and, as any angler knows, there are just no guarantees when it comes to what will be biting on any given day, so you may want to schedule your vacation around the type(s) of fish you are most interested in catching.  Most fishing tours include the essentials for a day on the water including fishing licenses, bait, tackle and all necessary fishing equipment, and many also include beverages and food, so be sure to check on these details with the company before you head out.  Don’t forget to take a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from the powerful sunshine!

Here are some of the most popular types of fishing done in Cancun as well as a list of when the top fish species are most prevalent:

Deep Sea Fishing

If your heart is set on catching the big fish around Cancun, deep sea fishing is definitely your best bet.  Landing a big game fish such as mahi mahi, marlin, sailfish, tuna or wahoo makes for an incredibly rewarding challenge you will definitely want to document with plenty of photos!  

Bottom Fishing

This is a fantastic activity for families because it allows more interaction than deep sea fishing, keeping everyone busy as they drop fishing lines straight down and deep (200 to 600 feet).  While the fish are typically smaller, bottom fishing produces fairly consistent (not to mention delicious!) results all year long searching for a variety of reef fish.  

Fly Fishing

The lagoons situated around the Cancun hotel zone, as well as the waters near Isla Blanca, are both very popular areas for fly fishing, where you will find plenty to catch including barracuda, bonefish and snapper.  Flat-bottom boats are used to easily navigate these very shallow waters.

Most Popular Times of the Year for Major Fish Species

Most Popular Times of the Year for Major Fish Species

  • Amberjack (10-50 lbs): November- April
  • Barracuda (10-50 lbs): November- August
  • Blue Marlin (70-900 lbs): June & July
  • Bonito (5-25 lbs): All year
  • Grouper (10-50 lbs): All year
  • Kingfish (10-50 lbs): December- March
  • Mackerel (5-30 lbs): All year
  • Mahi-Mahi (10-50 lbs): April- July
  • Sailfish (80-220 lbs): January- July
  • Shark (200-500 lbs): All year
  • Snapper (5-25 lbs): May- September
  • Tuna (10-30 lbs): All year
  • Wahoo (20-80 lbs): October- January

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with a fishing tour in Cancun!


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