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New Wellness Activities at Cancun’s Top Resort||Relaxation and The Villa Spa

New Wellness Activities at Cancun’s Top Resort

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Today’s world is fast moving, full of stress and pollution as well as bad eating habits and constraints on time. As such a healthy lifestyle is no longer a luxury, but a necessity if we are to balance our wellbeing and the demands of everyday life. This is why the Villa del Palmar in Cancun has the mission of encouraging our guests to take advantage of our ability to pamper you as well as our activities to keep you in great shape. We have good clean pleasures like an optional healthy menu, a wonderful spa and even a gym to help you maintain a healthy routine while on vacation.

New Wellness Activities

New Wellness Activities

When you stay with us in the Villa del Palmar you will have free access to the state-of-the-art gym as well as the fitness activities such as yoga, pilates, volleyball, and swim-nastics. This isn’t the end of the activities we have to keep your heart pumping, however; you’ll be able to have fun, have extra dessert and keep your waist trim while here!

Crossfit, Insanity and Bootcamp workouts, have been added to our roster by popular demand so those of you who want a more intense exercise experience can get it. There are also more holistic wellness activities and treatments available. Sonotherapy, for example, is a new activity for you to try and is proving very popular. This involves a soothing and relaxing session in which sounds and music are used to heal the mind, spirit and body.

Relaxation and The Villa Spa

Relaxation and The Villa Spa

At the Villa del Palmar resort in Cancun you will find multiple ways in which you can relax. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, watching the paddle-boarders on their way out to sea while you dig your toes in the sand or enjoying a spa treatment we think you should relax as much as you can. Why not indulge in a massage, beauty treatment, or even just chill out in the shade of the spa’s palm trees in the idyllic wet areas?

Meet our Wellness Gurus on hand at the resort to keep you focused on your wellness goals.


“I am a really happy and fulfilled person. Although I am just 23 years old, I have already made a lot of radical changes in my life, which have brought me to my life’s passion: yoga. I have always been interested in wellness, whether physical, mental or spiritual. Before becoming a yoga teacher, I studied nutrition and gastronomy, during which time I first took a yoga class and began to wake up spiritually and mentally. That is when I knew, ‘this is what I want to do and share!’”  


“At 32, I am still a sports fanatic. I used to swim a lot and do taekwondo, although what I really loved was American football; I actually got to play two seasons in the major league while I was at University. I am an absolute fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I came to Cancun in 2002, where I first began to work in the field of sport and fitness, becoming a personal trainer. Even today, I keep training and keep up to date with the latest trends in fitness, having most recently become a certified cycling master instructor. Now I am at Villa del Palmar Cancun, I am really motivated to share my expertise with all our members and guests, making sure their vacations are totally unforgettable.”


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