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Is it a Good Idea to Take Kids to the Spa?

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Most of us agree that vacation trips are the epitome of relaxation; we sleep in, lounge by the pool, and enjoy indulgent spa treatments. With some of the best spas now located within destination resorts, we have the perfect opportunity to catch up on some me-time while on a family getaway, but if you are traveling with kids, are they invited on your pampering escapade? Is it a good idea to take kids to the spa?

Mother and daughter at the beach
Mother and daughter at the beach

Short Answer: Yes! Having a fun spa day with kids can be a bonding experience. However, for many years spa etiquette dictated that young children were not allowed in the blissful world of spas. After all, children do not equate with serene quiet spaces; most spa regulars seek to unwind and disconnect from daily stresses, including parenting duties.

Is it a good idea to take kids to the spa?
Mother and daughter at the spa

Nonetheless, today many parents who can attest to the benefits of a healthy wellness practice want to share with their little ones the priceless spa experience, setting the foundation for good self-care routines that will later in life serve as an outlet for times of stress. But for now, it’s okay just to have fun!

Precious moments like a mother and daughter brightening their day with a sparkling nail design in a mani-pedi session or a father and son enjoying a sequence of yoga asanas and a lap in the pool. A spa day for kids is a perfect date for quality time, phones-away-type-moments of being fully present to connect with them.

What are the Services Offered for Children at Spas?

Nowadays, many spas are on board with helping families create unique bonding experiences. And although many parents will continue to need some good quality alone time to recharge their batteries, there is something quite special about spending a day side-by-side with our little one getting pampered.

Taking your kids to the spa
Mother and daughter during a spa session

Age limitations influence the type of services you can expect at any spa; for younger children ages three and up, options include a fun time of:

  • Massages
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Mini facials.

Please note that the access to plunge pools and hot tubs are reserved only for teens when parents are present. Yoga and meditation sessions tend to be available for the entire family to enjoy.

Tips for Visiting the Spa with Children

Village Spa in Cancun
Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun

A popular spa section everyone likes can also be hazardous for young children. Following recommended protocol is vital. Depending on the spa’s regulations, the detoxifying sauna, steam room, hot tubs, and plunge pool areas can be off-limits for children. Most industry experts agree that children under the age of 8 should not use saunas; the same is true for children under 5 using hot tubs, as young bodies do not regulate heat as adults. Still, there are well-established guidelines for children old enough to use a hot tub safely, such as limiting the time in the hot tub not to exceed 15 minutes. Lastly, a commonsense tip when water and children are involved is to never leave kids unattended.

Kids Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun
Special Massage for kids at Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun

It is terrific that spas now include children in the relaxing allure of spa rituals. Letting your children discover the secret of wellness is a valuable lesson for future self-care practices, but still, nothing beats taking the kids to the spa to bond, share laughs and build long-lasting memories!


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