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Why Choose Your Honeymoon in Mexico?

Why Choose Your Honeymoon in Mexico?

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So, you’ve been planning your wedding for a while now, or maybe it has passed already, and you put a lot of effort into the centerpieces, the meal, the choice of color scheme, and, of course, the dress; but what about your honeymoon? We’d argue that this is one of the most important things to consider because it’s all about the two of you celebrating this transition together. There are many wonderful places in the world to go on your honeymoon, but we have some reasons as to why you should choose Mexico as the destination for one of the most romantic and important vacations of your life.

Why choose your honeymoon in Mexico:

Pay less get much more

Pay less get much more

This might be the least romantic reason for choosing to honeymoon in Mexico, but it might tip the scale if you are going over budget on your wedding. Few people can afford to throw money without limit at a vacation, especially after paying for a wedding, even one so key as their honeymoon, and this is why Mexico is a great option for honeymooners. Not only is a honeymoon in Mexico generally great value for money, especially as dining, drinks and excursions are reasonably priced, but the exchange rate right now is great for visitors from the United States, Canada and Europe. As such, your dollars will go much further than they might elsewhere. Even if you’re on a strict budget you can be certain that you’ll be able to afford some luxuries on your honeymoon in Mexico that might otherwise have been unattainable: spa treatments, gourmet meals, and adventurous days out are much more affordable here in Mexico.

Beaches that will blow your away

Stunning Beaches

If you love the sea, and you can’t get enough of beautiful beaches, Mexico is one of the best places you could choose for your honeymoon; some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world can be found here in Mexico, particularly in Cancun. Mexico’s beaches range from the very busy to secluded and peaceful, but either way you will find that they offer many activities and experiences. There are few things more romantic than a walk along the beach at sunrise with your lover or lazing in a hammock in the afternoon sun. Together you can snorkel, dive, paddle-board, and take surfing lessons. Better still, your sun-kissed skin and windswept hair will look even more radiant with such stunning backdrops for your honeymoon in Mexico album.

Regular flights and great hotels

Villa del Palmar Cancun

Because of the boom in popularity of Mexican resort destinations like Cancun, vacation accommodations have become accessible, diverse, and affordable. Whether you want a cute boutique hotel for your honeymoon, or you’d prefer a big, all-inclusive resort like Villa del Palmar Cancun we have no doubt that you will be able to find it in Mexico’s honeymoon hot spots. Likewise, many cities in the USA, Canada and Europe are served by direct flights, many of which are reasonably priced.


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