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What’s the Ideal Size Guest List for your Wedding?||

What’s the Ideal Size Guest List for your Wedding?

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Every wedding is unique to the people planning it, and it is only natural that the ideal size guest list will reflect you as a couple. Should you have a big, lively wedding with all your friends and family, or a small, intimate gathering of only your nearest and dearest? Each has its pros and cons, so it all really boils down to what suits you and your spouse best. After all, this is your wedding day and it should work for you two above all others.

To help you make the decision whether to have a big or small wedding, here are some pros and cons you might want to consider:

Big Weddings

Big Weddings

A big wedding usually refers to those that invite 80 people or more.

The benefits

Making your guest list is really easy; you don’t have to snub or cut anyone from your guest list, and so all the arguments this might cause are mitigated entirely.

You’ll get more gifts or, if you’ve set up a collection for charity instead of gifts, more donations to your charity of choice.

The atmosphere will also be more festive, in all likelihood, if you have a bigger guest list; you probably won’t have to worry too much about the dance floor being dull.

The downfalls

First and foremost, a bigger wedding will cost more money to plan and execute, obviously. Catering, the bar, and the party favors will all be more expensive when there are more people on your guest list.

The planning will also be a huge amount of work, and so you may wish to consider a wedding planner to help you (another expense) in order to minimize the stress that planning such a huge affair can cause.

A big wedding can be much less personal; you have less time to spend with each guest as you try to make sure you speak, at least briefly, with everyone (including, for that matter, your new spouse).

Small Weddings

Small Weddings

Small weddings are those where you invite less than 80 guests. 50 guests is a good number for a small wedding.

The benefits

There’s less planning involved in a small wedding and this has benefits for you. You will save money, of course, but it means that you’ll no doubt be able to pin down the details with more alacrity. Less planning, less expense, and less stress are a huge benefit!

With the money saved you can splurge on some of the things that are most important to you. You could get that cake you’ve been considering, the band you wanted, or that extra special venue that you thought you might not be able to afford.

You’ll also find that smaller weddings are a little more intimate and less busy. This means you have time to sit down and relax, and actually talk to all the people you want to spend time with on this most important day of your life.

The Cons

When it comes to smaller weddings the restricted guest list can cause tension and irritation with people who are not invited. You need to make it clear from the beginning that you’re planning a small, intimate do to avoid disappointment.

Smaller weddings are sometimes chosen due to limited budget, and if this is a case a wedding planner will also be out of the equation. This means that all the planning will fall directly to you, which can be very stressful. Of course, you could always hire a coordinator to ensure the big day runs smoothly.

The party vibe might be harder to maintain when the guest list is smaller, but the relaxed and intimate atmosphere might suit you better. If you want a wild fiesta, however, you should get a good DJ to keep the mood lively.

So, what do you think? What is the perfect size for a wedding?


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