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How to Reach your Ideal Weight for your Wedding|Alternatives to the gym|

How to Reach your Ideal Weight for your Wedding

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Everyone wants to look their very best on their wedding day, and for many people this means having a svelte, toned figure in that all important dress. Of course, most people are too busy to be gym bunnies, and so this can mean losing a few pounds.

The stress of wedding planning can thwart the best of intentions, however, and many people gain weight on the run up to their big day. This is why we’ve compiled all this advice for you; we want to you to meet your weight loss goals.

Alternatives to the gym

Alternatives to the gym

Going to the gym regularly, taking yoga classes, and signing up for crossfit isn’t necessary for you to meet your goals, though these actions would help. The truth is that, for many people, there are simply not enough hours in the day and so alternative exercises have to be found.

  • Cycle to and from work if you can; when you leave the car the world and your wallet will thank you just as much as your waistline!
  • Take the stairs wherever you can; stairs burn calories quickly and will help to firm up your derriere!
  • Walk to, from, and between your destinations if you can, and take a brisk walk on your lunch break to boost your metabolism. A walk can also help you to think and plan, so why not invest in a speech to text app so that you can take notes as you go!

Controlling your calorie intake

Controlling your calorie intake

A strict, prohibitive diet will only add to your stress levels so step away from culling food groups and think about tracking your intake and exercise while making smart food swaps. These are the kind of sustainable choices and changes that will see you to your goals;

  • Drink as much water as you can, and try to drink only water when possible, as this will inhibit your appetite, flush out toxins, aid your skin, and leave you feeling refreshed. In fact, when we think we’re hungry, often we’re thirsty so drinking plenty of water can cut out unneeded calories.
  • Alcohol is full of empty calories; avoid it where possible. If you really want a small drink go light, for example, try a wine spritzer with mineral water, or a vodka and diet soda!
  • Avoid eating out when you can; restaurants serve shockingly high calorie offerings and we’re more likely to overindulge within their walls. Make your lunches for work and focus on fresh, home cooked meals. Stock your home with fresh fruits and vegetables, and fresh, lean meats.
  • Share the duties of food sampling when it comes down to your wedding menu; the cake in particular is high-calorie. Enlist the help of people who have similar tastes and let them take the odd calorific hit for you.

Above all you should stay calm and positive; your waistline is much less important than your love and happiness on this big day.


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