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How to Choose the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

Picking the perfect beach wedding dress is not as easy as it sounds, but it is perhaps one of the most enjoyable and iconic moments of the planning process for a beach wedding, besides flicking through lots of glossy magazines and choosing the perfect location, of course. It’s a technical process, though, finding a dress that is comfortable for the setting, within budget and, perhaps most importantly, in keeping with your desires and style. There are a few things you might want to consider while you search for that iconic beach wedding dress, so take some time to browse the advice below for finding the best wedding dress for your oceanfront wedding ceremony.

Don’t Compromise on Style

Don’t Compromise on Style

First of all, remember that getting married on a beach does not mean you are super restricted in your wedding dress choices. Certainly the particular dress you might choose will differ slightly than if you were getting married in a church, but you can still have that sexy, fitted fishtail dress or the full bodied traditional dress you wanted. Just keep in mind that you should pick a dress in which you will be able to move easily in the sand, and one that won’t be too punishing in the heat (which can be solved by having an evening ceremony in the winter months in Mexico!). Most of these factors can be addresses by the type of material rather than the design or style of your beach wedding dress. You can also still have a train, for example, but it would be smart to stick to a shorter one as a long one will pick up dirt from the sand and possible get wet and/or dirty if you are heading for photographs on the water’s edge.

Floaty, Whimsical Wedding Dresses

Floaty, Whimsical Wedding Dresses

Floaty, flimsy dresses are generally what people think of when they are told someone will be having a beach wedding. This is because, most likely, we all have this idea of a beach wedding being more relaxed, bohemian and whimsical. But these charming and feminine dresses have other benefits; they are practical when it comes to a beach wedding. Not only will they be less oppressive in the heat and sunshine than, say, a long, corseted silk and heavy cotton dress, but they will be less restrictive while you move on the sand.

A Flirty Short Number

A Flirty Short NumberYounger brides, or older brides with stunning legs, often opt for a more modern short beach wedding dress. Not only are these contemporary and fun, they are great for the hotter weather. These short dresses will let the air about your legs and keep you cooler during the ceremony as well as providing a fun twist on your big day. If you arrive a few days before your wedding, you also have enough time to work up a little bit of a tan and enjoy a leg massage at the Village Spa.



The veil is one of the most traditional components of any wedding attire, and it’s one that deserves some serious consideration. The breeze near the ocean, especially in the Caribbean, can be wonderful for your guests but a pain if you have a long veil. A short veil which only covers the face is a good choice if you’re set on having a veil. A cute and romantic alternative to a veil would be a headpiece or flower garland to match your choice of beach wedding dress.



The most important tip we can give you on footwear is to choose shoes that are comfortable to walk in. Stilettos do not fare well on the beach, so, unless you’re going to set up a boardwalk, we’d recommend flats or cute wedges. You can always wear your killer heels at the reception where you are on solid ground (after all there’s no better reason for multiple wardrobe changes than a wedding). If you want to go full hippy you could go barefoot.

Whatever you choose, whichever style of beach wedding dress you go for, whichever shoes you wear, we urge you to follow your heart and make sure your wedding day is everything you want it to be. A beach wedding doesn’t have to limit you at all!