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Honeymoon to Cancun Diving Certification

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Making Cancun your honeymoon destination can be like hitting two birds with a single stone.  After going through the stressful months of preparing for your wedding, it’s now time to give yourself a break and what a better way of spending your honeymoon by having it in the beautiful city of Cancun.  Aside from everything a honeymoon to Cancun offers due to the Caribbean destination’s rich culture and stunning attractions, it’s an opportunity for learning the craft of diving. There is something really special about learning something new with your partner on your honeymoon; and diving is a skill that will enrich your life together and is a great first step as Mr. and Mrs.

Diving Certification in Mexico

Diving certification in Mexico
Freedivers gliding over the bright coral reef. Red Sea, Egypt

With a coastline extending over 7,000 miles and with waters teeming with abundant marine life, Mexico is the perfect place for you to learn the rudiments of diving; and what better time than on your honeymoon to Cancun?  Just imagine swimming alongside your new spouse and shoals of colorful fish, corals and other aquatic creatures that call the bottom of the Mexican waters their home.  Honeymooning in one of Mexico’s top vacation destinations like Cancun has all the factors that would make learning to dive an enriching and satisfying experience.  White sand beaches, exotic wildlife and delicious regional cuisine are all found here, making your honeymoon a journey of discovery as well as romance.

Caribbean Diving Sites

Caribbean Diving Sites
Pristine Paradise neare Cancun, Quintana Roo adventure, traveling Mexico.

If it’s the joy of staying within a close distance of a pristine beach with clear waters, then Cancun is the place to be.  Cancun also has the most impressive dive sites together with the coastal towns of Isla Mujeres, Tulum and Cozumel.  Nearby Riviera Maya, with its outstanding thousand year old Mayan ruins and structures adds just another reason to choose a honeymoon to Cancun.

Great Mesoamerican Reef

The Great Mesoamerican Reef stretches from the Mexico’s Caribbean towards the coasts of South America.  More than 600 kinds of fish have been recorded and it boasts considerable expanses of vibrant coral which provides habitat for a wide range of mollusks and a food source other larger marine creatures. You will surely find one of a kind oceanic biodiversity,

Planning your Honeymoon to Cancun

Planning your Honeymoon to Cancun

Planning everything for your trip, whether in Cancun or any of the other top Mexican honeymoon destinations is made easy by checking out what you need online before your trip. For Cancun diving tours at Villa del Palmar Cancun, check out the tours offered by our onsite travel agent.

Choose a honeymoon to Cancun for your diving certification and you can be sure that it will be full of fun, thrills, romance, entertainment, beauty and love; a great jumpstart towards having a successful married life.


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