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Choosing the right Wedding Cake for your Big Day!

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A wedding is a beautiful occasion that provides lifelong memories. It often takes the bride and groom months – even years – to plan their dream wedding, ensuring that every item on the list is ticked and that every little detail is correct. One of the most important details of a wedding is the wedding cake! It is typically positioned on the center table of the wedding and serves as a focal point to draw people’s attention. The cake usually features an intricate design and is created using prime ingredients to achieve a delicious taste.

What Does a Wedding Cake Symbolize?

Newlywed Couple Holding Hands Together

A wedding cake represents more than just pretty decor. The tradition behind the cake dates back as far as the Roman Empire.

Historically, it symbolized prosperity, good luck, and fertility to the newlywed couple, hence why the cake needs to be made with the finest ingredients. When consumed by the bride and groom, the cake supposedly gives them the luck to go on and have a happy, long-lasting marriage with healthy offspring. According to legend, guests attending the wedding would eat the crumbs of the wedding cake with the hope of receiving some of the good luck.

Choosing a Wedding Cake

Happy bride and groom eating delicious wedding cake closeup

For many couples, choosing the right cake can be a daunting task as there are so many designs to choose from. As well as being aesthetically wowing and having a great taste, the cake needs to be unique and personal to the bride and groom reflecting their style and taste as well as fit with the rest of their wedding elements.

There is a great deal to consider when choosing your dream wedding cake. We have three helpful tips that you can follow when making your decision.

1. Think Carefully About the Design

Wedding Cake

Choose your cake after you’ve styled your wedding. You may have the ideal cake in mind, but until you’ve decided on the rest of your wedding aesthetics, it isn’t wise to decide on your cake. This is because you may change your minds throughout the process as more options are presented, and therefore the original design of your cake may not fit anymore with the final theme and décor you have chosen.

2. Find your Cake Maker

Confectioner decorates wedding cake

Finding the right cake maker is very important. Research each candidate extensively and check out their wedding cake portfolio. You should also meet them first to discuss your cake design and ensure that they’re capable of fulfilling your wishes. A good cake maker will take your idea on board, have a creative eye and be able to help you decide on a unique design that will suit your wedding.

3. Allow Plenty of Time

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Most wedding cakes need to be ordered several weeks or even months in advance, depending on the complexity and the design of the cake. Order your cake as soon as possible to avoid any time issues or complications. 

DIY Wedding Cakes

Designing and creating your own cake can be exciting. You can choose the exact style, flavor, and look of your cake and take pride in knowing that you created a key element to your special day. Although it might seem like a great idea, the physical task of creating your own wedding cake can be challenging. We have three tips that you can follow if you’re determined to create a fabulous DIY wedding cake:

1. Planning

To Do Wedding List

Make a detailed plan ahead of time. Most likely, you have been inspired by numerous intricate and embellished wedding cake designs. Would you like a tiered cake? White chocolate flavor? A classic sponge? You need to take the time to work out exactly what you want so that you have a clear vision in mind when it comes to creating the cake. Write down a list of ingredients, find an excellent and easy-to-follow recipe, ensure that you have all of the necessary utensils needed to bake a cake (e.g., parchment paper, cake supports, rolling pin), and have the exact dimensions of the cake written out.

2. Practice

Once you have chosen the style and flavor of your cake, undertake numerous test bakes to ensure that you’re confident about the taste and texture of the sponge and filling. It’s also wise to practice decorating your cake numerous times too, as this can often be a fiddly task, especially if the desired design of your cake is elaborate.

3. Bake in Advance

Did you know that you can freeze cakes? The days leading up to your wedding are usually hectic and busy. You can alleviate some of the pressure by baking the tiers of your cake in advance and freezing them. To ensure that your cakes don’t get ‘freezer burn’, professionals suggest wrapping them up in cling film and placing them in a plastic container. You can then decorate the tiers closer to the big day and work on the finishing touches.

Wedding Cake Ideas for a Destination Wedding

Beautiful wedding cake, close up of cake and blur background, selective focus.

Destination wedding cakes are among some of the most beautiful in the world. They are usually an alternative to the classic multi-tiered white cake designs you normally see. You can mimic the charming scenery of your given destination, incorporate the gorgeous local flowers and vegetation, and celebrate the local culture.

Villa del Palmar Cancun has selected 5 of the top wedding cake ideas for a destination wedding to help spark your imagination and inspire creativity.

1. Classic tiered wedding cake with bright wedding cake flowers by Sweet & Saucy

2. Soft iced minty cake by Cakes By Christine NY shot by Story By Mia via Hostess With The Mostess

3. Rainbow wedding cake by Cassidy Budge

4. Buttercream wedding cake with fresh flowers shot

5. Blue and white patterned wedding cake by Sweet Cakes by Karen


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