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Best Beach Wedding Hairstyles

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All brides desire to look their best on their wedding day, whether having a traditional, contemporary or religious wedding. The hairstyle chosen for your particular wedding look is just as important because it can help emphasize the beauty of your dress and makeup.

If you are having your wedding on the beach, your choice of hairstyle becomes even more crucial to your overall look. You have to think about the type of climate where you are having the ceremony—especially if you are having it in a location like Cancun and Riviera Maya.  Whereas long sweeping locks with thick, flowing extensions sounds like the perfect look for a ceremony near the waves, it’s actually not always the best option for beach wedding hairstyles. If you live and work on a beach, you already know the best way to go for a beach wedding hairstyle: braids and updos. Why? Because of the potential for swept away hair, which takes away the glamor from your beach wedding pictures and the fact that it will make you feel even hotter, causing you to perspire more. 

Here are a few options to consider for your beach wedding hairdo:


Photo Credit: Kate Ignatowski Weddings

Buns are the ideal beach wedding hairstyle that can be worn in a variety of combinations. You have the double bun, ballerina bun, side bun and bow-tie bun to name a few. You can also do a hybrid of braids and a bun like the illustration here. No matter how you style your bun, the end result is an intact hairdo that also looks fabulous.


Photo Credit: SugarLove Weddings

Chignons give you a more traditional wedding look for your sunny beach wedding. You can have
it centered or fixed to the side, but make sure that a part of it can be seen even from the front if you decide to have yours centered. Either way you style it, the coiled hair must be placed at the back of the head. It may even rest slightly on the neck if desired. This hairstyle is particularly comfortable when it is hot during your beach wedding.

Wedding Braids

Wedding Braids
Photo Credit: Melissa Kruse

The perfect style for keeping your hair out your face (and off your neck) is the braid. You have so many options to choose from because braids can come in all shapes and sizes. This style is one of the most comfortable updos because it can be maintained with only a few fasteners (or bobby pins). You also don’t have to use much hair styling product to maintain this style no matter if it’s a Dutch braid, French braid or a braided crown with floral accessories.

Gibson Roll

Gibson Roll
Photo Credit: Maria Danielle

This updo looks like a reverse chignon that rests in the center of the back of the head. It, too, can rest on the neck, and you can also add floral accents and/or a light train to accentuate this look. You can make this hairstyle look more boho-chic depending on the wisps of hair you leave framing your face.

Side swept

Side Swept
Photo Credit: Craig Paulson Studio

If you still want a style for you beach wedding that shows off your long locks, you might want to consider the side swept look. You can help achieve this look by using braids, twists, or one big coil—just as long as you keep your hair off your back.


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