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Service Animal Policy at Villa del Palmar Cancun

Service Animal policy at Villa del Palmar Cancún

Villa del Palmar Cancun Resort & Spa realizes that some guests and members require the assistance of their service animal while staying at the resort. For this reason, the resort wishes to share its Service Animal Policy, which applies to each resort that is part of the Tafer brand.

In order to ensure that guests and members who are traveling to the resort with their service animal have a comfortable stay, this service animal policy has been established. It also helps ensure that fellow guests and members at the resort have a pleasurable stay. Furthermore, the comfort and wellbeing of the service animal is of utmost importance to the resort. The resort takes pleasure in offering this service to guests and members who meet all of the requirements needed to bring their service animal along on their trip. With that being said, the resort wishes to remind all guests and members that it is not a “pet friendly” property, which results in a reasonable extra fee for any service animal to stay in any room at the resort.

 Terms and Conditions of staying at the resort with a service animal:

  • It is required of any guest or member traveling with a service animal to offer all of the required official documents that verify that the animal is an approved service animal (certificates).
  • There is a weight limit of 20kg (44 pounds) for service animals.
  • Upon check-in, a refundable deposit of $200 USD is required to cover any potential damages that could occur.
  • In addition to the extra accommodation fee collected for the animal’s stay, a daily feel of $50 USD will be charged to deep clean the room each day.
  • A limit of just one authorized service animal will be permitted to stay in any given room.
  • Common areas of the resort such as indoor restaurants and bars, the gym, swimming pools, etc. will be off-limits to service animals. However, there are designated areas where service animals may be walked.
  • If a service animal must be present while dining at any of the resort’s onsite restaurants, the dining experience must take place on the outdoor terrace areas only. No exceptions will be made due to health and hygiene reasons.
  • The resort reserves the right to enter the room if deemed necessary if other guests or members report any noise or other discomfort.
  • Service animals must be on a leash at all times while in common areas of the resort.
  • If the service animal is left alone in the room, it must be secured inside of its travel crate.
  • Service animals are not permitted to sit or sleep on any of the furniture, including the beds, within the suite. Hotel towels may not be used for any animal grooming purposes.
  • The service animal’s owner is solely responsible for it and its subsequent behavior during its stay at the resort, and upon arrival, a waiver must be signed agreeing to this.
  • If the owner of the service animal fails to observe any of the aforementioned points, the resort could take appropriate action depending on the type of offense that has taken place.

What is Provided

The resort wishes to provide every service animal with an incredibly comfortable stay, and as a result, offers the following services to ensure a pleasant visit:

  • Food and water bowls will be made available if needed.
  • A fresh pet bed that will be cleaned each day but replaced only if necessary.
  • Upon arrival, a set of complimentary bags that can be used to collect pet waste.
  • The convenient option of purchasing animal food prior to arriving (only for service animals that do not have any special dietary restrictions or needs).
  • A property map that shows the suitable areas to walk service animals when needed.

For any damages that occur to items such as cushions, beds and bowls, an amount will be withheld from the deposit that was taken. All items belonging to resort should be left in the room upon departure to avoid any extra fees being assessed.