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Riviera Maya: A Destination with that All Year Round Summer Vibe|Xel-Ha|Xplor and Xel-Ha|Xplor

Riviera Maya a destination with that all year round summer vibe

Riviera Maya is truly a unique vacation destination in Mexico that is brimming with incredible attractions, exciting activities and an experience unlike any other as you enjoy its all year round summer vibe.  With so much to do and see it is no wonder the region is one of the most visited places in the world.  Travelers flock to the gorgeous white sand beaches, impressive historical sites and stunning tropical landscapes that blanket Mexico’s Caribbean coast in search of that eternal summer vibe for which Riviera Maya has become known.

Xplor and Xel-Ha

Xplor and Xel-Ha

As two of the region’s most enticing hot spots, Xplor and Xel Ha, will turn your Cancun or Riviera Maya vacation into more than you ever could have imagined, the perfect places to enjoy Riviera Maya’s all year round summer vibe. Take a look at what you can expect.



Xplor is a must-see when vacationing in Cancun and Riviera Maya.  The Xplor Cancun Park is a work of art that Mother Nature created over 65 million years ago when an enormous asteroid crashed into the Yucatan Peninsula, changing the landscape and giving rise to a plethora of new life forms.  Now over millions of years later, visitors to Cancun can explore the park, admiring the impressive underground landscape that is packed with stalactites and stalagmites that decorate the 59 hectares of beautiful land.

Located just minutes from Playa Del Carmen and Cancun, Xplor Cancun Park is a wonderland of activities for visitors of all ages.  Those looking for adventure can zip through the jungle, swim in the underground rivers, hike through the caverns and much, much more.  During the day and at night, guests can “Xplore” the wonders that Mother Nature left behind as a gift to all; an experience truly worth the while.



Another Riviera Maya attraction to help you enjoy the destination’s all year round summer vibe is Xel Ha, a tropical park teeming with unbelievable encounters and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.  Visitors can swim, snorkel, bike or hike through the different land and water terrains for a chance to see all that Xel Ha has to offer.  This nature lover’s paradise is a location once revered by the ancient Mayan civilization.

Its name, Xel Ha, meaning “where the water is born,” is a true testament to the beauty and draw of this stunning natural playground.  Whether opting for a high adventure experience or a relaxing bout with nature, Xel Ha is the place for you.  Guests can float down the rivers on an inner tube, discover the natural caves in all their grandeur, cliff dive off the five meter Cliff of Courage, or test their abilities on one of the many activities available at the park.  At Xel Ha there is no shortage of insatiable activities to keep you and your travel companions busy all day long.


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