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October Wellness 2019 at Villa del Palmar Cancun

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October is a special month for us at Villa del Palmar Cancún with the upcoming health and wellness event that takes place at our resort every year

This year, the October Wellness 2019 Event will be led by the talented Giselle Sedinger who has recently joined the Tafer Resorts family as the Spa Manager at the 4-Diamond Villa del Palmar Cancún. In addition to being the Spa Manager, Giselle is involved with many wellness projects. Giselle is very passionate about health and wellness and she frequently posts helpful tips and advice on Instagram to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Giselle is always looking to create special experiences for our guests during their stay at Villa del Palmar Cancún. She has an outgoing personality and is dedicated to creating a personalized bespoke service for guests to provide the ultimate destress and relaxation experience. The signature services and treatments are designed to release tension in every muscle, rejuvenate the skin, detoxify and revitalize the body, providing guests with the ultimate feeling of well-being.

During the October Wellness 2019 Event at Villa del Palmar Cancún, the weekly program will offer several wellness experiences such as detox rituals, high intensity training, and yoga.

For a thorough experience, Villa del Palmar Cancún and Village Spa will include several healing activities and detox rituals at no additional cost, so our guests will be pampered and guided to indulge their senses in a dazzling tropical backdrop, an experience that will help them to reconnect with their internal energy.

The October Wellness 2019 program offers diverse high intensity training activities to stay fit, including zumba, aqua zumba, aerobics and popular Tabata workout routines developed by Japanese scientist, Dr. Izumi Tabata. Also on the schedule, participating guests will enjoy barre, a combination of ballet, yoga and pilates.

Get to know the Instructors at the October Wellness 2019 Event at Villa del Palmar Cancún.

Yoga and stretching wellness activities will be hosted by our in-house professional yoga instructors featuring special guest instructors. Get ready to meet and greet.

Oscar Resendiz – Yoga Instructor at Villa del Palmar Cancún

Oscar has been our in-house instructor at Villa del Palmar Cancún since October 2018 and is devoted to providing incredible relaxation experiences for our guests. 

“The path of yoga in my life has been a timely healer and liberator that has given me purpose and direction. Since I can remember, I have always found myself interested in spiritual introspection and the search for internal wealth, which led me to the path of yoga as a means to find inner wealth that reveals its purpose and opens the way to achieve it.”

-Oscar Resendiz-

Lina Muñoz – Yoga Instructor at Villa del Palmar Cancún

Lina is a certified Thai Massage Instructor, specialized in Meditation, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. Also, Lina is part of the team at Village Spa, one of our expert therapists providing a relaxation experience for all of our guests.

Kim McMurren – Fitness Instructor

Get ready to stay active during our October Wellness 2019 Event with Kim McMureen! Kim is a professional and certified personal trainer through FiTour, an expert in Boot Camp training and also a certified group exercise instructor (AFAA). She is passionate about health and fitness and encourages people to stay active all the time.

Salila Thuy – Nurse & Yoga Instructor

Salila is a yoga trainer, certified by Yoga Journey in Boca del Raton, Florida, for completing a 200-hour E-RYT training course with Leslie Glickman. Salila has also been a volunteer at Florence Fuller in Boca Raton.

As part of her professional background experience, Salila has received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Chamberlain University, and is currently working in a Surgical Unit.

Experience health and wellness with Salila and get practical advice that will help you stay fit.

Bonnie Ringer – Yoga Instructor

Bonnie Ringer is passionate about nature, health and yoga. She is an experienced practitioner of Yoga and Healing Art Therapy, and she is always happy to assist with Wellness Events at Tafer Resorts’ properties during Autumn Breaks.

Bonnie started her personal practice in 1986 and created the Bonnie Shala YogaStudio in New York where she has participated as a teacher trainer in different workshops around the East Coast and around the World!

She is also an inspiring yoga instructor, known for her art and yoga expertise, as well as for her intuitive philosophical teachings and all of her remarkable achievements in deeply spiritual fields that have led her to use these reconnection practices with dedication and fierce determination.

Naya Rappaport – Photographer, Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher and Social Media Personality

Naya is a social media influencer and a renowned fitness instructor from the Dominican Republic.  Since 2016, Naya has been a guest instructor at Villa del Palmar Cancún during the October Wellness Event. For Naya, yoga is a lifetime practice, which never stops revealing new lessons to improve body and mind health. Come to Villa del Palmar Cancún and discover a new way to practice yoga with Naya! Naya’s partner, Liz Crosby, is also very influential for showcasing and teaching yoga poses to over 270,000 followers.


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