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Join Us for a Special Celebration of Halloween and Day of the Dead Traditions

If you are a guest staying at the Villa del Palmar Cancun Resort between October 31st and November 2nd, then prepare yourself for some exciting celebrations to mark two important traditions, Halloween and Day of the Dead.

Our activities team has been busy putting together a fantastic schedule of
fun family-friendly activities, with a few frights thrown in, to honor these two very important holidays and to make sure that the traditions of the United States, Canada and Mexico are combined into one big multi-day celebration.

Halloween Fun for the Kids

Your children will enjoy a host of spooky Halloween activities at the Kids Club to get them in the mood for the ultimate trick or treat and costume contest. At midday, children will enjoy horror face painting followed by a scary movie that is suitable for young children. In the afternoon they can put their creativity towards decorating a frightening, but tasty, Halloween cookie. In the evening, the kids will have an opportunity to trick or treat around the resort stopping off at different locations such as the spa and the front desk and ending at Zak Lounge where we will be hosting our costume contest. Kids, don’t forget to bring your costumes!

Kids Club Schedule of Halloween Activities – October 31st

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Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

For the adults, there is also plenty of frightening fun to be had! Adults can participate in the Halloween costume contest at 8:00 pm at Zak Lounge. There will be one contest for children and a separate one for adults with only 1 winner in each category, so make this year’s Halloween costume your best one yet! The criteria for judging will be based on originality and detail.

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You won’t want to miss placing your bets at the Horror Casino taking place at Zak Lounge immediately following the costume contest. This is an activity for the whole family where guests will be given an amount of “funny money”, with which they can approach card tables to play and try to win as much funny money as possible. At the end, the guest with the most funny money will win a special prize. The games will be Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Texas Hold ’em Poker. All the dealers will be dressed in costumes. Our guests can also look forward to a live rock band at the Horror Casino.

The Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead or El día de los Muertos, is celebrated on November 2nd in Mexico. Friends and family come together to honor and remember loved ones who have died. On this day it is believed that a doorway is opened allowing the spirits to visit earth from the underworld to meet with their friends and relatives. While this celebration revolves around death, it is a happy occasion as it is a time to celebrate and remember souls who have passed on.

The Traditions

In most of Mexico’s towns and cities, there are multiple days of festivities and many people come to join in on the celebrations. You can find locals and tourists dressed as Catrines and Catrinas.

One of the most important rituals of the Day of the Dead celebrations takes place in the cemeteries and includes building special commemorative altars called ‘ofrendas’ that are decorated and covered in marigolds. Friends and relatives bring personal and sentimental items that represent the deceased to the cemeteries and place them on the altars. They bring items such as favorite foods and beverages of the deceased, flowers, photographs, sugar skulls, and dead bread (pan de muerto), which is a sweet bread only made around this time of year. All of these items have significance; the food and drinks offer sustenance to the visiting dead and enough energy to return to the underworld, while the candles light the way for the souls to return home.

To honor this beautiful tradition, Villa Del Palmar Cancun will make a tribute for those who “are no longer with us” and offer an exhibition of altars that can be found in the lobby from October 30th to November 2nd.

Fun Day of the Dead Activities

The Kids Club has some fun activities planned for the kids on November 1st (the Day of Innocents) and November 2nd, (the Day of the Dead) including face painting, making a skeleton puppet and a skull keychain.

Kids Club Schedule of Day of the Dead Activities

November 1st

10:00 am Make a skeleton puppet

3:00 pm Face painting

4:00 pm Decorate a Catrina mask

For the whole family, there will be a spectacular ‘Las Catrinas’ Mexican Show at Zak Lounge starting at 8:30 pm also on November 1st.

November 2nd

10:00 am Make a day of the dead flower

4:00 pm Make a skull keychain

Join us for a terrifyingly amazing Halloween followed by a time of happy remembrance. You won’t want to miss celebrating these two wonderful traditions at Villa del Palmar Cancun!