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Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations in Villa del Palmar Cancun

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The Christmas season is a special time of the year. You might be wondering how there can be Christmas in Cancun if there is no snow, but if you are headed to Cancun for the holidays you are in for a special surprise. There’s nothing quite like spending Christmas vacation in Cancun. Even while seeing the sunshine over the Caribbean Sea, you will find plenty of holiday magic with decorated Christmas trees, holiday surprises and festive music.

Picture yourself celebrating Christmas and New Year in Cancun, along with your loved ones, building “sand men” on white-powdered beaches, getting the perfect tan, and enjoying plenty of festivities away from the cold of your hometown.

If you are spending the Christmas season at Villa del Palmar Cancún, we have prepared a great program of activities to add some extra holiday cheer to your tropical Christmas vacation.  

We have a yearly tradition of lighting the star on our beautiful Christmas tree, so that Santa Claus can find our beach resort and bring happiness to all our guests.

Don’t miss our special Christmas show on December 24th, which will be a fun night with Santa’s helpers and “El Grinch” presenting different acrobatic numbers.  

On Christmas day we will present a special Christmas History Show, a magical story of Christmas night expressed through dance. 

As part of our closing of the year, our restaurant Caprichos will be offering a special buffet dinner on December 31st for all those who want to dine in a relaxed atmosphere before going to our “A Night in Paradise” themed beach party. For the third year in a row, we present our Candyland concept, where you will find all kinds of desserts, chocolates and cookies, assembled in a very original way. A magician will also be there to surprise you with his original tricks.  

Our exciting New Year’s Eve party on the beach will feature one of Cancun’s favorite bands, “THE JUANRAS”, a pop & rock cover band. They will lead us into 2020 playing hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. Guests will enjoy a dynamic show and beach party in a Caribbean paradise illuminated by the moon listening to top hits. 

During the holiday season, the mouthwatering Gourmet Culinary All-Inclusive plan available at Villa del Palmar Cancún will become one of your favorite experiences; a delightful array of dining options will excite your palate during your stay at our resort.

Off the resort, there are many things to do in Cancun during the winter season. You will enjoy an average 86 degree temperature, lush tropical surroundings and many activities that are fun for the whole family.

To make the most of the Winter Holidays in Cancun, we have put together a list of recommended things to do during your vacation at Villa del Palmar Cancún:  

Piñatas and Posadas in Cancun

Throughout Mexico and in Cancun, locals have a Christmas tradition of holding “Posadas”, a celebration from December 16th to the 24th that pays homage to Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem searching for a place for Jesus to be born. Over these nine days, locals light a candle and travel in processions singing popular songs before arriving at a designated home to drink punch and have sweet treats. Breaking piñatas is a fun and important part of this celebration. Get to know more about this beautiful custom that honors the Holy Night.

Christmas Eve in Cancun

Christmas Eve is celebrated on December 24th and in Spanish it is called Noche Buena. On this special evening family and friends gather together at people’s houses to celebrate. 

Christmas Day in Cancun

Many people in Mexico eat turkey and exchange gifts on Christmas Day much as they do around the rest of the world, although Santa Claus is a more recent addition. Until recently, children only received presents from the Three Wise Men (Tres Reyes Magos), who visited on January 6th.

Book your Restaurant Reservations in Advance

Christmas and New Year’s is peak season for travelers visiting Cancun, so if you decide to spend the Winter Holidays at Villa del Palmar Cancún, most of the restaurants both at the hotel and in Cancun are very busy so we highly recommend making dinner reservations in advance. 

Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancún

Pamper yourself in a great tropical setting surrounded by lush nature and Mayan culture. Get a massage, plunge into relaxing pools and let our staff spoil you with indulging treatments.

Tread dad to some relaxation

Visit the Beaches in Cancun on Christmas and New Year’s

If you are visiting Cancun for Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations, a visit to any to the beaches is truly a must! The average temperature of 86 ºF in Cancun keeps the beaches warm and perfect to spend a relaxing day, don’t forget your sunscreen!

The Best Beaches in Cancun

Activities and Attractions in Cancun during Christmas and New Year’s Season

Consider our additional recommendations to have the perfect winter vacation in Cancun:

Visit Cenotes

Take a refreshing dip in amazing natural sinkholes located in Cancun, the Riviera Maya and Yucatan areas.


Tours to Theme Parks and Archaeological Sites

Forget about the freezing temperatures and learn about the impressive Mayan culture or visit the amazing surrounding area. Mingle with locals and learn about their culture.


Celebrate the Posadas

Learn about these traditional Mexican holiday celebrations, while your family explores beautiful Xcaret eco-archaeological park just south of Cancun. Your family can take part in the walk of Mary and Joseph in search of a place for baby Jesus to be born. At the end of the walk, your children will have a lot of fun taking their turn to hit a piñata full of surprises.

Night Clubs in Cancun

Cancun’s nightlife is thriving throughout the year, so you might consider visiting taking a trip to the Hotel Zone strip, the heart of Cancun’s nightlife, which features popular clubs Coco Bongo, The City and Dady’O.

Cancun Nightlife

Go Shopping in Cancun

During the Christmas and New Year’s Season, some local stores offer great deals on out-of-season items that may suit your needs in your hometown.


Finally, on behalf of all of us at Villa del Palmar Cancun, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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