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Tips for Navigating Cancun Airport|Arrive Early for Departures|Attending a Timeshare Presentation|Book Your Taxi or Transfer Before You Arrive to Cancun Airport|Wi-Fi Internet isn’t Free at Airport

Tips for Navigating Cancun Airport

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Cancun Airport is one of the easiest international airports to navigate because it is a relatively small airport. If you want to have a smooth arrival and departure at the Cancun Airport, then here are a few helpful tips to assist you. There are only two terminals located at this airport, but don’t let that fool you, because it can be hectic at times.

Book Your Taxi or Transfer Before You Arrive to Cancun Airport

Book Your Taxi or Transfer Before You Arrive to Cancun Airport

You can have your transportation ready before you arrive to the airport by booking a hotel transfer when you make your reservation for accommodation in Cancun. You really don’t want to have to worry about organizing a cab after a long flight, you want to get straight into your vacation. If you book your transfer in advance, all you have to do is look for your name on a sign when you leave the arrivals building at Cancun airport.

Attending a Timeshare Presentation

Attending a Timeshare Presentation

When you are leaving Cancun airport after you pass immigration, you may be approached and invited to attend a timeshare presentation. Think about whether you wish to attend a timeshare presentation beforehand and have you answer ready. You might be surprised by some of the deals, coupons, and discounts that you will receive if you attend a timeshare presentation. If you are interested in attending a timeshare presentation, look for a representative from Villa del Palmar Cancun or Club Caribe.

Identifiable Suitcase

It is a good idea to make sure your suitcase is identifiable. You can do this by adding a ribbon, a sticker, or an easy mark. It is a good idea to do this, so that nobody picks up your suitcases by mistake or vice versa.

Terminal Departure

Once you have arrived at Cancun Airport go ahead and find out which terminal you will be leaving from so when you are departing you won’t waste time looking for your terminal.

Arrive Early for Departures

Arrive Early for Departures
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Even though Cancun Airport is small it does que very busy, so you should always arrive early for your departures. Remember that major airlines including Aeromexico have more than one destination per day and so this can make for long lines. Even national flights require that you arrive at least two hours before your flight departs.

Print your Boarding Pass

You can print your boarding pass or ask at reception in Villa del Palmar Cancun to print it for you, so you can speed up the departure time. The check in can be a long, lengthy process if you don’t have the boarding pass printed, and you can use it at the luggage drop off.

Don’t Purchase Souvenirs or Gifts at the Airport

Don’t wait to do any gift or souvenir buying at the airport, because at the Cancun Airport there are only a few shops, and the choices are very limited. Obviously, if you have absolutely forgotten someone, you will find something suitable.

Wi-Fi Internet isn’t Free at Airport

Wi-Fi Internet isn’t Free at Airport
Man holding and use smartphone

The Cancun Airport does offer Wi-Fi internet, but it isn’t free. There is a charge to access the Wi-Fi but it seems to work pretty well.

Plan to wear layers

Air conditioning on flights and the weather conditions back home can make choosing what to wear for your flight a little complicated. The best advice is to wear layers that you can take off when you reach Cancun airport. When you arrive, passengers will have to walk in the open air to reach the terminal building, which can be really hot, even at night. On the way back home, you should also make sure you have enough layers to start adding.

Don’t Plan on Eating at Airport

There are very few good dining options at the airport just like the shopping options, so you should eat before you arrive at the airport.


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