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Mexican Food and Wine at Zamá

Mexican food and wine at Zamá

Get to know the amazing cuisine of Mexico in a whole new way at Zamá restaurant at Villa del Palmar Cancun, where you will discover the mouthwatering tastes of a nation bursting with distinctive flavors.

Although you have probably sampled your share of Mexican dishes wherever you live, they will undoubtedly pale in comparison when you experience the skillfully prepared specialties at Zamá.  Designed to highlight the depth of aromas and flavors inherent to Mexican fare, the dishes you encounter at Zamá represent the great variety of individual cooking styles that you might find within each region in Mexico with particular focus on Yucatecan dishes.  

A Wealth of Culinary Heritage


In a country as large as Mexico, it comes as no surprise that culinary traditions and time-honored recipes vary from region to region or even state to state.  Perhaps because of this distinction, the cuisine of Mexico has been given the unbelievable honor of being named an intangible heritage by UNESCO.  

At the forefront of Mexican food is a vast diversity of preparation methods, textures, flavors and colors which have earned it international praise, unsurprising to the locals who have enjoyed its immense variety and richness all of their lives.  There are several ingredients that lend Mexican cuisine its characteristic flavors such as cilantro, prickly pear, corn, chili peppers, chocolate, epazote and rice, all prepared in ways that will astound your taste buds.  

Chef Alfredo Bazán

Chef Alfredo Bazán

Experience the magic of the finest Mexican dishes available at Zamá restaurant, where masters practice the skilled art of cuisine with every creation.  Chef Alfredo Bazán looks forward to making a lasting impression on your palate as you dine upon his delectable fare.  You can also satisfy your cravings for Mexican food at Caprichos gourmet buffet restaurant where it is frequently featured on a rotating schedule of menus.  

Mexican Wine


Although Mexican cuisine is already an international force to be reckoned with within the foodie world, with a popularity that continues to grow and reach new corners of the globe, the impressive wines of Mexico are now enjoying their moment in the spotlight, with no signs of slowing down.  The states of Aguascalientes, Baja California, Coahuila, Guanajuato, Querétaro and Zacatecas are all well-known for their thriving wine production.  Boasting several awards from international festivals, these winemaking regions continue their impactful reach into the foreign market.  

Visiting Cancun on vacation presents the perfect opportunity to try some Mexican wines.  Your waiter is sure to have some recommendations so you can see for yourself how wonderful Mexican wines truly are.  

Join Chef Bazán at Zamá on your next visit and enjoy the flavors of Mexico served with elegance and style.