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Delicious Tikin Xic Recipe from Zamá Restaurant

Why not try preparing authentic delicious Tikin Xic Fish, a Yucatec Mayan dish, at home or in your Villa del Palmar Suite (One Bedroom Suites or larger). Tikin Xic is pronounced teekeen sheek and is a local delicacy throughout the Yucatan peninsula, served at Zamá Restaurant. The dish has a distinct red-orange color resulting from a flavorsome achiote (annatto) and sour orange marinade. You will also often see it cooked or presented on a banana leaf. Try this recipe at home and compare it to the real thing at Zamá Restaurant, Villa del Palmar’s contemporary Mexican restaurant at the heart of the resort.

The fresh ingredients you will need: 180g Red Snapper fillet (could also use Grouper or Mero) 125g Cooked white rice 100ml Sour orange juice 100g Red onion 50g Plumb tomatoes 35g Achiote (Annatto) 20g Red pepper 20g Green pepper 20g Cabbage 10g Banana leaf 5g Lemon 5g Vegetable oil 4 Garlic cloves Salt to taste White Pepper

Directions: Slice the green pepper, red pepper and tomato, leaving the ingredients to one side along with a slice from the red onion. Use the remaining onion to make the marinade, liquefying it along with the sour orange juice, achiote, garlic, salt and pepper. Once these ingredients are fully blended, pour the marinade over the fish and leave it for about half an hour. While the fish is marinating, slice the white cabbage thinly then leave to marinate in lemon juice with salt and pepper.   Cook the fish on a grill or nonstick skillet and put what is left of the marinade to boil. While the fish is cooking, prepare a frying pan with a little oil and fry the sliced peppers, tomato and onion.

Delivery: Decorate each plate with a banana leaf and place a layer of rice in the center of the plate followed by the cooked fish. The grilled vegetables stack on top of the fish like a tower, with the white cabbage on the very top. Use the marinade reduction to decorate the place with sauce and enjoy! For more culinary tips, ask to meet the chef at Zamá restaurants on your next visit.