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Swimming with Bull Sharks in Cancun

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Indeed there’s no more memorable experience for your stay by the Caribbean Sea than swimming with bull sharks in Cancun. The opportunity to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures is both truly unmissable and unforgettable. There’s also no better place in the world to have this experience. Each year, the bull sharks flock to the Mexican coast’s warm and clear waters, providing the perfect conditions to face these fascinating animals.

What is it like to swim with bull sharks in Cancun?

Bull sharks in Cancun

The chance to be so close to the magical bull sharks is an equally awe-inspiring and surreal experience. While the creatures peacefully glide through the water, it’s impossible not to be struck by their great size and power. These animals can measure up to nine feet long and sometimes weigh more than 500 pounds.

It’s fantastic to observe them in their natural habitat as they swim serenely, utterly unfazed by their visitors.

When can you swim with bull sharks in Cancun?

Bull sharks tours in Cancun

The bull sharks spend around four months of the year off the Mexican coast, and this period falls in the winter season, between late November and March.

Around this time, female bull sharks are attracted by the warm waters near Playa Del Carmen and Riviera Maya as the perfect place to give birth to their pups.

The freshwater supply from the local cenotes and the abundance of sea turtles, which form a part of the sharks’ diets, make the area an ideal place to call home following the sharks’ migration.

Some local guides recommend that December is the peak of bull shark season.

Is it safe to swim with bull sharks in Cancun?

Bull shark diving in Cancun is very safe. The tours are run by experienced guides who have worked alongside the bull sharks for years and ensure these creatures are treated with the utmost respect. While bull sharks can be approached up close, they certainly shouldn’t be seen as pets.

The guides also provide detailed briefings before diving to ensure a safe and incredible time observing the bull sharks..

It’s worth noting that there are a few different diving packages in Cancun. Some will allow you to go within inches of the sharks, while others are designed for you to observe from a distance if you feel more comfortable doing that.

Several tour companies also put a portion of their proceeds towards the conservation and research into these amazing animals, ensuring that they thrive in the future and can be visited for many years.

Who can swim with bull sharks in Cancun?

diving tour

Bull shark diving tours in Cancun are exclusively for experienced and certified divers. Tour guides will ask to see that you are certified and have a minimum of 20 logged dives before heading out on their excursions.

It’s also worth noting that these scuba diving tours can come with a minimum age of 18 or 15 with parental permission. Additionally, most tour companies may want to see that you have dived within the past two years or request that you complete a local dive with a guide before swimming with the bull sharks.

The sharks prefer the ocean’s lower depths, and divers may need to travel 75 feet beneath the water’s surface. But this will be well worth the chance to see the incredible sea life.

Where to stay in Cancun

Villa del Palmar Cancun
Villa del Palmar Luxury Beach Resort & Spa

Cancun is the perfect spot to sign up for bull shark tours, making Villa del Palmar Cancun an excellent choice for your stay. This luxurious resort, with signature restaurants, an array of activities, and special month-long events, offers an idyllic location for your next vacation.


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