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Playa Delfines in Cancun

Although there are miles upon miles of stunning coastline featuring powdery white sand and the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea around Cancun, one of the most noteworthy beaches is Playa Delfines (Dolphin Beach) which is also nicknamed El Mirador (The Lookout).  Part of the reason why Playa Delfines is particularly special is that it is a completely unspoiled area that doesn’t have any hotels, restaurants or other structures built on the beach, which allows for a truly blissful, relaxing getaway in the sun and surf.  

Getting to Playa Delfines in Cancun

Getting to Playa Delfines in Cancun

If you are driving to Playa Delfines, you will certainly enjoy the fact that the on-site parking is free (unlike many other beaches in the area); you may also get there easily by local bus or by taxi.  As so many travelers prefer to arrive to the beach without the worry of taking the proper gear such as chairs and beach umbrellas, you can rent these items when you get there.  Furthermore, everyone will appreciate the fact that there are clean restrooms at the beach that are well-maintained, making your time there much more relaxing.  

If you happen to be traveling with children, you will be thankful that there is a playground at the beach to keep them entertained should they grow tired of lounging around or building sand castles.  With palapas available when you are ready for some shade, you can make your trip to Playa Delfines an entire day’s outing if you would like.  And if your stomach starts to growl, never fear because there are a variety of foods offered by local vendors to curb your cravings.

El Mirador

El Mirador

Playa Delfines earned its nickname as El Mirador thanks to its sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea and the sights of Cancun.  There is even a wooden lookout where a colorful collection of letters spelling out “Cancun” provides the perfect backdrop for some terrific vacation photos.  The vivid blue-green hues of the clear waters are exceptionally inviting, and the waves close to shore are gentle and make a perfect spot to splash around.  

Beach safety

Beach safety

While lifeguards are on duty during the day, swimming further out here can be a bit risky because the water can be quite rough at times; if you enter the water, make sure you are extremely cautious.  Fortunately for those who enjoy surfing, these same conditions make it a great spot for surfing, where waves tend to be consistent and decent in size.  There are no places to rent surfboards right on the beach, but you can grab a board in town before you head to the beach if you would like to catch some waves.  

For an unrivaled beach atmosphere, head straight to Playa Delfines for an unforgettable experience!


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