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Ka´Yok´ Planetarium in Cancun

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On your next trip to the sunny resort destination of Cancun, why not immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the planetary system with a visit to the Ka´Yok´ Planetarium in Cancun?  There is something for everyone at this stunning cultural complex where you will encounter a variety of intriguing topics just waiting to be explored.  Grab your travel companions and discover everything that makes this unique venue a must-see for anyone traveling around the Cancun area.  

The Planetarium in Cancun

The Planetarium in Cancun

Steeped in science and technology, the planetarium is sure to teach anyone with a thirst for knowledge something new.  In addition to the obvious focus on astronomy, which includes an astronomical observatory, the complex is also dedicated to promoting and educating visitors about preserving the environment.  Furthermore, it places a strong emphasis on celebrating and maintaining area archaeological sites, especially the significant contributions the local Mayan population have added to the region over the centuries.  As you explore the knowledge held within the universe, you will also be introduced to more tangible things such as the phenomenal natural beauty that the state of Quintana Roo has to offer.   



The architectural design of Ka´Yok´ contains circular shapes that center upon the sun, and was directly inspired by the cosmos and all of its elements that work together in harmony.  You will find yourself completely immersed in the secrets of the universe from the moment you arrive.  Thanks to 5th Generation technology, which is the most advanced type available to planetariums and digital domes, you will truly be awestruck as you take in the sights and sounds all around you.  You are sure to find plenty to keep you occupied as you wander around, too.  Get to know the intriguing space museum, take in a captivating show in the auditorium, learn something new in one of the instructional centers, familiarize yourself with ecotourism through a workshop or check out the on-site water museum.    

Make it a point to visit this breathtaking place for unique vacation memories you won’t ever forget.  The planetarium is open every Tuesday through Friday from 9am to 7pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 7pm.  


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