For many, a vacation to Cancun on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, means days filled with white sandy beaches, vast coral reefs lying beneath pristine turquoise blue waters, and impressive archeological ruins. For others, it means nights filled with never ending parties and extravagant clubs that tempt the masses and leave few unscathed. For some adventurers, however, Cancun means the chance to discover something unlike anything you’ve ever seen before:cenotes, natural wonders so beautiful and unique that you would think it was out of this world.

What are Cenotes?

Cenotes, or natural wells, are dispersed throughout the area of Cancun, offering a majestic look into the creativity of Mother Nature. These wells, which were created millions of years ago, offer access to an underground network of natural pools and rivers that are home to a diverse habitat of flora, fauna and mineral formations. Impressive displays of stalactites and stalagmites have been astonishing visitors for thousands of years and fortunately, their beauty hasn’t faded with time.

Significance of Cenotes for the Maya

The Maya, who once controlled the area of Cancun, revered cenotes as a source of life, one of the few places you could get fresh water during the drier months. They also believed that cenotes were an opening to the another world, one in which humans could communicate with the gods and ask permission to enter the lands that they were guarding. The Maya would perform ceremonies at the opening of the cenotes in honor of these gods, protecting the area, careful not to disturb the natural surroundings.

Cenote Adventures

Nowadays, more and more people are venturing off to discover for themselves the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The various cenotes, or natural wells, that grace the area are both impressive geographically as well as aesthetically. People can dive and swim in cenotes to get a better look at one of Mother Nature’s greatest masterpieces and there are various tour operators in Cancun that organize swimming, snorkeling and diving tours. Ask our tour agent at Villa del Palmar Cancun for excursion prices. Dive in and discovering a world unlike anything they’ve ever seen before, a world that literally takes your breath away.