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Caribbean Xoximilco Near Cancun

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Xochimilco is the name of a magical and exciting area of Mexico City that has inspired the likes of Frida Kahlo and other artists as well as thousands of tourists who visit Mexico’s capital city each year.  The original Xochimilco is located near Mexico City’s downtown, and is one of the most sought out parts of of the capital. More than 125km/ 98 miles in length, Xochimilco is a series of canals and islands that were established even before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores. Tourists visiting Xochimilco in Mexico city can go aboard beautiful gondola boats, which are also known as trajineras in Spanish, to enjoy a scenic ride.

For some, a boat ride in Xochimilco can be a romantic experience, while for others it is the ultimate Mexican fiesta. Imagine indulging in tequila and cervezas, then delicious Mexican foods, vibrant colors, and of course live music. Tourists can ride through the Xochimilco neighborhood, enjoying all the attractions when they catch a ride with a trajinera. Now imagine that you no longer have to go all the way to Mexico City for such an experience! That is where the brand new Caribbean Xochimilco Near Cancun comes into play!

Caribbean Xochimilco Near Cancun, an Exciting Alternative

If the original Xochimilco sounds like the kind of excitement and fun you and your family are looking for, then why not enjoy Cancun’s version of Xochimilco, called Xoximilco Cancun, spelled with an “x”. This is an amazing experience and exciting alternative park that is provided by the Xcaret group. Visitors who come to Riviera Maya will get to experience the Xochimilco Mexican fiesta in an amazing trajinera while enjoying the warm climate of Cancun.

At Xoximilco Riviera Maya, the trajinera boats are vibrantly decorated to represent each of the states of Mexico, showing the history and culture of Mexico in one amazing tour.

Xoximilco: What Comes with the Package?

If you would like to book a Xoximilco Cancun tour, you can expect to be taken on a wonderful journey, sharing a trajinera that can hold up to twenty people. There is a long table on the boat, and all your food, drinks, and activities will be included, so all you get to do is have a great time.

Main Attractions and Events:

  • Mariachi, Bolero, and Marimba Live Music.
  • Mexican Dishes and Desserts
  • Three Course Mexican Cuisine Dishes
  • Beer, Tequila, and all Non-Alcoholic Beverages-Open Bar
  • A Trajinera Evening Tour through Channels
  • Free Transportation from the hotels.

Xoximilco Cancun: What To Expect

  • If you like to party, then Xoximilco Cancun is the place for you. You must bring a festive, fun attitude, so you have a great time.
  • Be prepared to sit with other tourists if you are traveling alone or with friends, because the boat holds up to twenty people, but you won’t be crowded. This is a great way to meet friends from all over the world.
  • Bring insect repellent, because you will be traveling through canals, and you are advised to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants too, so you are fully protected.
  • The park is free for children four years and younger, however, it is advised to bring children aged over 5 as this a long tour and you should take care to supervise your children at all times for their safety on the boats.

If you think that a Caribbean Xoximilco tour in Cancun is the perfect addition to your vacation, speak to the concierge when you arrive at Villa del Palmar Cancun, to that they can advise you and help you book a tour.




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