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Surviving the party season in style

Surviving the p​arty season ​in style

With the new year just around the corner, you may be thinking about what you can do to look your best in 2017. The holidays are always a hectic time, with several parties and family gatherings to attend, which can lead to neglecting your overall health and wellbeing. However, one of the best ways to combat the ravages of a packed holiday schedule, overindulging in heavy foods and more cocktails than usual is to treat yourself to a facial so you can recapture that healthy glow you’ve been missing. Start 2017 off right with one of the amazing facials offered at the Village Spa.

“Hanil” Purifying Facial 80 Min

Hanil Purifying Facial 80 Min Purifying Facial - 80 Min

Meaning “clean” in Yucatec (language of the ancient Maya), the Hanil facial is a deep cleansing treatment that delivers clarity to all skin types. After applying alpha hydroxy acids and a micro-derm scrub which purify and smooth the skin, gentle extractions clear the pores before a volcanic clay mask detoxifies and improves skin tone. Finally, a light pressure-point massage is given to promote the release of toxins beneath the skin’s surface.

Mystical Mayan Facial 80 Min

Recovery Tactics

With just one stimulating treatment, a visible improvement in tone and texture will be revealed. To produce a radiant glow, this facial begins with an exfoliating hot Cinnamon Enzyme Peel during which your therapist will fan you like an Egyptian goddess, making sure you are comfortable while the peel goes to work. Then, two layered sculpting masks of oatmeal and soy protein are applied to noticeably improve skin tone. Once your skin is rinsed with aloe vera and cool water, a trio of enzyme products is worked into the skin to prolong the effects of the facial.

Mexican Agave Anti-Aging Facial 80 Min

Mexican Agave Anti Aging Facial 80 min

Specially developed for mature skin of all types, this facial will treat your skin to a plumping blend of agave extract, Argireline, hyaluronic acid, pearl and silk. Delivering much-needed moisture and a smooth effect on aging skin, fine lines are filled and reduced right before your eyes. Thanks to the agave (from which tequila is made), you will emerge from the treatment with a firmer visage that is absolutely radiant.

Personalized “Guardians of Beauty” 50 Min


This treatment begins with gentle exfoliation before a mask of detoxifying rosemary mint and sea algae is spread over the skin to allow the ocean’s elements to cleanse and revitalize its surface. A light mist is then spritzed to calm and refresh the skin, followed by a customized botanical mixture to hydrate. Zinc sunscreen is the final step so skin is calm and protected.

“Riviera Maya” Facial Caress 25 Min

Riviera Maya Facial Caress -25-min

A unique blend of citrus oils, bamboo crystals and a drop of mild sugar cane glycol will have your skin cleansed, exfoliated and polished in no time. A soothing Hydrating Mineral Mask will calm the skin and impart a radiant glow, followed by a refreshing coconut and hibiscus protein spray. Lastly, zinc sunscreen is added to protect your skin from the elements.

Royal Eye Renovation 25 Min

Royal Eye Renovation - 25 Min

Ancient treatments made with precious herbs and oils were used to keep the skin of royal Mayans radiant and younger looking. Combining several of the ancient Mayans’ most prized ingredients including aloe, calendula, cucumber, jasmine, rose and rosemary, this brightening eye treatment will impart a youthful appearance on the thin skin surrounding the eyes.