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Summer Facials at the Village Spa

Summer Facials at the Village Spa

As summer progresses, it is easy to get caught up with so many activities and commitments that you forget to take some time out for yourself to recharge.  With that in mind, the Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun is the ideal place to take a break from the hectic pace of everyday life and get away for a little pampering “me time”.  With a splendid variety of summery facials to choose from, the gifted staff will have your skin glowing so you can emerge with a newfound sense of radiance throughout the summer.

“Hanil” Purifying Facial – 80 Min

“Hanil” Purifying Facial - 80 Min

This deep cleansing facial employs a combination of highly effective skin purifiers to deliver a brighter complexion to every skin type.  Translating to “clean” in Yucatec (the ancient language of the Maya), the Hanil facial pairs alpha hydroxy acids and a micro-derm scrub to polish and resurface the skin.  Gentle extractions are followed by a volcanic clay mask to pull impurities from the skin and improve tone.  To eliminate even more toxins from the skin, a light pressure point massage is given, resulting in skin that looks and feels amazingly clean and balanced. A great summer facial from the Village Spa.

Personalized “Guardians of Beauty” – 50 Min


This Village Spa summer facial begins with a gentle exfoliation to ready the skin for a detoxifying mask containing sea algae blended with refreshing rosemary and mint, which will penetrate the skin to deeply cleanse and recondition the skin with the powerful elements of the sea.  A reinvigorating mist is then applied to soothe and cool the skin.  A customized blend of botanical elixirs tailored to your skin will add the perfect amount of rich moisture.  The final step of zinc sunscreen will shield your skin from the sun and lock in hydration.

“Riviera Maya” Facial Caress –  25 Min


This mini facial therapy will treat you to a younger-looking radiance abundant in the tropics.  The skin is first cleansed and polished with a combination of exfoliating bamboo crystals, citrus oils and a drop of mild sugar can glycol.  Your skin will drink in the soothing moisture of a restorative Hydrating Mineral Mask resulting in a lustrous, glowing visage. The skin is then misted with a coconut and hibiscus-infused protein spray which energizes and tones.  Finally, zinc oxide mineral sunscreen is massaged into the skin to provide protection as you take in sunny rays at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Royal Eye Renovation –  25 Min

Royal Eye Renovation - 25 Min

Royal Mayans maintained a youthful complexion by partaking in treatments utilizing precious oils and herbs, and this regenerating eye remedy contains some of the ancient Mayans’ preferred ingredients to increase the circulation around the delicate eye area and deliver a younger appearance including aloe, calendula, cucumber, jasmine, rose and rosemary.

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