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Spa Treatments for Every Member of the Family

Vacations are a time to eat, drink, and be happy. Yet do you still find yourself on holiday looking for new, or different ways for your family to unwind? Many families are starting to redefine where their holiday joy comes from. Ever thought about taking some family spa treatments together?

Playtime and family time (even on vacation) in all of our lives nowadays, are being threatened by busy schedules, and most parents would agree that it’s important to stop, chill out, and make sense of the sometimes random nature of the human family existence.

Whether it’s a daily routine, or a meditative ritual once a week, a vacation can instantly become a healthier, happier holiday with a visit to a hotel resort spa. That’s why most top-notch resorts house their very own spa and salon.

On vacation, each day is the right moment to chill out, and each family member can enjoy a visit to the Maya marvel that is the Village Spa when they stay at Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa.

The spa is modeled on an ancient Maya village and its luxury treatment cabins are called “Tikales”. Each one represents one of the natural elements identified by the ancient wisdom of the Mayan civilization that dominated the area surrounding Cancun for centuries. It’s a simply legendary space, and even the kids will be impressed!

Read on to find out how your whole family can be transformed on a personal level, both physically and mentally with just one booking. A fresh start to clean living can start at the spa.

New Ways to Unwind

When you set out to discover new places and connect with people on a vacation, you probably don’t instinctively think about doing this at the spa. Yet some time spent receiving treatments can help the whole family discover so much about themselves and each other.

A father-son, or a mother-daughter dynamic, can be strengthened by some quality time spent in a relaxing, tranquil environment such as a spa or salon, where everyone has a proper chance to calm their minds, and think about their life, their wants, and their individual needs.

A spa experience is a way to achieve this, and the younger members of the family will even get a chance to put down their smartphones and video games for a few hours!

Parents are also becoming increasingly aware that by instilling healthy habits in their children at a young age, they can save their children the difficulty of making changes later in life. And that’s not just habits of healthy eating and fitness, it’s looking after one’s body and mind as a whole. Wellness can be a start, and there’s no better way to start a new regime than when on holiday.

So, spa robes at the ready (including the mini ones) let’s take a look at what you can treat your family to inside The Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

Soak It Up

Setting the stage, from ambient music and decor, to refreshments, and skincare for you to take home with you, will all be miraculously pulled together for a spa experience with spa treatments that exceed all expectations.

Your spa package includes beauty staff who are authentic, fully qualified, bilingual, and professional, with insider knowledge of the whole of Cancun and Mexico. As a team, they listen to make all of your spa treatments not only relaxing, but fun and enjoyable also.

The feeling of being clean helps reduce the mental fatigue of travel. So first it is recommended to enjoy the divine wet areas (minimum age to use the hydrotherapy circuit is 16 years old) to ensure that relaxation enters every bone and fiber of your family’s beings. There are mixed gender wet areas where men and women can both enter, and a steam room, a cold plunge pool, hot and warm jacuzzis, and Swiss showers.

Healthy refreshing drinks are available to teach children how to look after their bodies, and how to stay hydrated when hot, or undergoing treatment including detoxification of the body.

spa at villa del palmar

Next, come the spa treatments and spa services. The therapists have lovingly crafted treatment menus for celebrating health, and the special moments and people in your life. These include massages, body wraps, body treatments, and facial treatments, each with fascinating names from the legacy of the ancestral Maya culture, and its efficient and dynamic use of herbs and rituals.

Parents can enjoy the couple’s treatments including the Yaakunakh lovers’ ritual which includes body wraps and massage, the Nuuk couples massage, or a spa manicure and pedicure together.

There is also a Kids spa menu including the following treatments:

  • Sweet dreams massage
  • Tutti frutti caress
  • Kiwi facial touch
  • Vanilla ice cream wrap
  • Chocolate & raspberry mani / pedicure

If your children would like to try a massage on the beach this can be a wonderful experience for them to tell their friends about when they get back home. Also, how they got to drink magic, green juice (chlorophyll water,) to power and energize their bodies!

If you have a young lady in your group who loves dress-up, she’ll enjoy being in the beauty salon, playing different versions of who’d she’d like to be, and a young gentleman will be envisaging hitting the gym next or going for a slick, Mexican haircut in town. Razzle-dazzle can never start too young!

You may charge all services to your room or pay with any major credit card. Gift cards can also be purchased in advance if you would like to surprise anyone in the family. All this can be organized days in advance so you have no queuing to do when you arrive at the spa. Ask about our day spa memberships, and remember you can share your membership with your whole family, for the best offers and discounts.

Safety First

Spa treatments and tranquility go together, and so do fun and safety. Therefore, there are some safety rules to be followed, in and around the spa.


  • Have to stay with an adult in the same room all the time.
  • Must wear a swimsuit all the time, including during massage.
  • Should behave well the entire time they are in the spa.
  • Refrain from running or jumping in the spa or cabin areas.
  • Follow staff’s instructions during treatments.

Before receiving any service, parents must sign a consent form and inform staff of any special medical conditions such as hypertension, allergies, or prescribed medicine a child is taking which can be counter-productive in certain services. The use of wet areas is exclusively for people over 16 years of age.

Euphoric and Hooked

Studies show relationships of all kinds can be strengthened by quality time spent together, improved communication, and better appreciation of each other. Having one-on-one chats with each family member to strengthen individual relationships, listening and responding calmly to each other, and trying new things together, are all ways to build positive relationships.

Before you leave at the end of your vacation, the whole family’s idea of happiness may be that it can be found through family spa treatments. If you could bottle good vibes, you’ll surely have found them at the spa!

And as a group you will all be vibrating at such a high frequency – you will be smiling your faces off, on the plane journey home.

You will remain steadfast supporters of the spa you discovered in Cancun, and you will reminisce of the moments you shared there, celebrating what it means to be together – rejoicing in family health.

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