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Pamper Yourself with a New Spa Menu Treatment

Pamper Yourself with a New Spa Menu Treatment

The Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort has been a haven of tranquility for those who seek indulgent spa experiences ever since it first opened its doors. The Village Spa offers an amazing range of different treatments, and thanks to the new additions to the spa menu, you will now have more reasons to spoil yourself than ever before! From specialized packages to facials to body wraps, you will discover plenty of new ways to unwind in blissful relaxation at the Village Spa.

Here is your first look at the new spa menu treatments available at the Village Spa at Villa del Palmar Cancun:

“Zama” Renewing Experience (90 Minutes)
In just one treatment, this facial delivers incredible results: skin appears firmer, more refined, luminous and youthful. It has been exclusively formulated with high-tech ingredients which offer cumulative benefits and fight the damaging effects of free radicals. This is the ideal facial for anyone with skin that shows signs of aging, loss of firmness, fine lines or blemishes, regardless of skin type. Skin immediately feels rejuvenated and incredibly smooth.

“Ha” Hydrating Facial (60 Minutes) "Ha" Hydrating Facial (60 Minutes)
Visibly improve the texture of your skin and maximize hydration by indulging in this effective treatment! Combining the benefits of algae and the revitalizing effect of propolis, your skin is treated to natural healing at its finest. The soothing and nourishing effects will leave skin looking radiant while improving circulation, reducing redness and refreshing the visage.

“Chak” Facial Caress (30 Minutes)"Chak" Facial Caress (30 Minutes)
Formulated to treat hypersensitive skin, this regenerating treatment is rich in soothing aloe vera and essential polysaccharides. Designed to promote healing, boost oxygen flow and decrease redness, your skin will enjoy a restored glow. The skin’s appearance and texture are in for a restorative treat with this facial, which is an excellent choice for those who suffer from skin sensitivities.

Diamond Energy Ritual – Body Treatment and Facial Ritual (130 Minutes)Diamond Energy Ritual - Body Treatment and Facial Ritual (130 Minutes)
This incredible ritual delivers immediate results to restore the skin’s youthful glow to the face and body:

  • Body Treatment – This body treatment with lumafirm® Firm & Glow is the solution! Enjoy the combination of a massage with a body wrap. Pevonia takes advantage of the power of nature with a powerful avant-garde formula for unparalleled results that are both immediate and cumulative. Your silhouette will respond to this treatment with youthful radiance! You can look forward to instantly firmer, more luminous skin that is deeply moisturized.
  • Facial – Pevonia offers a facial that makes your skin look ultra-luminous with a firmer and more youthful appearance. Exclusively formulated with the latest in freeze-drying technology, this remarkable treatment with cumulative benefits is ideal for any type of skin that shows signs of aging. Facial contours are re-defined and elasticity is increased while expression lines are softened, it’s the perfect choice for those who seek results.  

“Ka’asiijil” Renovating Ritual – Exfoliation, Wrap and Massage Ritual (100 Minutes)"Ka'asiijil" Renovating Ritual - Exfoliation, Wrap and Massage Ritual (100 Minutes)
With a delicious combination of water lily, green tea and chamomile, your body will enjoy a sense of renewal from head to toe. Providing an unrivaled sensation, this regenerating treatment calms, heals and softens the skin while replenishing its hydration levels. What’s more, every last trace of muscle tension melts away during a blissful massage.

Hydrating Mud Wrap (60 minutes)Hydrating Mud Wrap (60 minutes)
This delightful body wrap combats the effects of aging, evens out skin tone, and provides toning benefits with an invigorating sensation. The combination of tropical extracts from mango and passion fruit, plus anti-aging ingredients, is the secret to phenomenal results. A sumptuously textured yogurt mixture is applied to your body, transporting you to a sublime tropical oasis. Your skin will emerge feeling renewed and refreshed, supple yet firm, and noticeably brighter.

Detoxifying Wrap (60 minutes)Detoxifying Wrap (60 minutes)
The holistic and curative properties of black magma are scientifically proven and date back to ancient civilizations. The entire body is coated in a richly textured product which contains natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. This helps promote the natural healing process which can relieve muscle and joint pain while promoting circulation, detoxification and reducing stress. An ideal choice for those prone to chronic pain or fatigue, rheumatism, arthritis and post-sports injuries.

“Chak” Body Scrub (30 minutes)"Chak" Body Scrub (30 minutes)
Prepare your skin to receive the sun’s rays by enjoying this gentle green apple exfoliating treatment which eliminates impurities. Ideal for an enviable and more even tan, rough skin is smoothed and refined. Enjoy smoother, more radiant skin that positively glows!

Rejuvenating Body Scrub (30 minutes)
The combination of mango and passion fruit extracts transports you to a sublime tropical oasis where your senses gently awaken and phenomenal visible results are obtained. This reconstructive, anti-aging treatment eliminates impurities while improving the tone of the skin. Your skin emerges looking fresh, soft, firm and clearly brighter.
With so many choices, there is no excuse not to pamper yourself with a new spa menu treatment at the Village Spa!